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Apply for a Freedom of Expression Grant

If you live in Europe, know about a breach of freedom of expression in your country and need time and money to document it, you can apply for a Freedom of Expression Grant. There is €15,000 to distribute. The application deadline is 21 September 2016, 11.59 pm Brussels time.

The applications are assessed by two anonymous, independent jury members with ample experience in the field of freedom of expression threats. These are the criteria they use to assess the applications:

Added value compared to mainstream journalism14
Importance in society14
Newsworthiness, probability of impact14
European/regional relevance10
Feasibility (without unnecessary risk)8
Experience of the applicants/references5
Originality, innovative ideas or methods5

(Each application will be assessed by the jurors on the basis of these criteria. For each criterion the jurors will give a score of 0 (the application absolutely fails to meet the criterion) to 10 (the application fulfills the criterion completely).The numbers are an expression of the weight that each criterion will have in the total assessment.)

Personal information
If you work in a small team, please write down here the name(s) of the colleague(s) you'll work with.
If you work with a colleague, you can upload the CV(s) of your team member(s) here.
Project description
500 characters max, including spaces.
500 characters max, including spaces.
500 characters max, including spaces.
2000 characters max, including spaces.
Which newspaper, online outlet... will you publish in? (Please provide a letter of intent from at least one publication in the affected country. Find an example letter here.)
500 characters max, including spaces.
Upload a letter of intent for publication from a news platform in Europe here.
Upload an additional letter of intent from a news platform in Europe (not obligatory).
Budget and costs
Please upload as detailed a budget as possible. (Find a template here).