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International Advisory Board

To safeguard its firm roots in the European investigative journalism community and as a source of good advice, Journalismfund.eu has an International Advisory Board to turn to. It consists of representatives from associations and centers for investigative journalism and other estimated individuals in the community. Advisory board members themselves can not apply for our journalism work grants.

Sheila Ahern is an Irish TV researcher and leader of the Mary Raftery Fund.

Günter Bartsch is managing director of Netzwerk Recherche, the German association of investigative journalists. In this role, he oversees the association’s conferences and leads NR’s nonprofit/entrepreneurial journalism initiative.

Tanja van Bergen is a Dutch journalism lecturer and director of the Dutch-Flemish association of investigative journalists VVOJ.

John Bones is Managing Director at SKUP, the Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Reporting. He was responsible for the data journalism tracks at GIJC in Lillehammer in 2015 and has done training at GIJC in Lillehammer 2008, Kiev 2011 and Rio 2013. He has been speaker at NICAR and Dataharvest several times.

Tamás Bodoky is a Hungarian journalist and the founder and director of atlatszo.hu center for investigative journalism in Budapest.

Stefan Candea is a co-founder of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism. He is the coordinator of the EIC.network and a PhD fellow at the University of Westminster and the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research in Leipzig.

Wojtek Ciesla is a Polish journalist working with Newsweek Poland. He also is among the founding fathers of the Polish Fundacja Reporterow who aim to stimulate investigative journalism in Poland and neighbouring countries.

Marcos Garcia Rey is an investigative journalist and author in Spain. He works with El Confidencial and has previously worked with other major media in Spain. He is the co-founder of the master course in investigative and data journalism at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Marcos is part of the ICIJ network of journalists.

Stephen Grey is a special reporter at Reuters with a long experience as independent and staff writer, in international reporting and as a Brussels correspondent. Stephen Grey works out of London, United Kingdom.

Sanita Jemberga is an award winning Latvian investigative journalist who has worked in the press and television since 1996. In 2014, she joined Re:Baltica, the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, where she serves as executive director and editor along Inga Spriņģe.

Eva Jung is an investigative journalist with the Danish newspaper Berlingske and vice chair of The Danish Association For Investigative Journalism (FUJ).

Nicolas Kayser-Bril is a French journalist based in Berlin and the co-founder of Journalism++.

Minna Knus-Galán is a Finnish investigative journalist working for Finnish Public Broadcaster Yle. She was given the Finnish Journalist of the Year Award 2014.

Sasa Lekovic is the founder and director of the Investigative Journalism Center in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a freelance reporter and investigative reporting trainer.

András Löke is a Hungarian journalist working with ultralocal news in Budapest. He also works with the Soma Foundation, who give annual awards for investigative journalism.

Ilona Moricz is the director of the Centre for Independent Journalism in Hungary.

Xhelal Neziri is a Macedonian journalist and co-founder of Scoop Macedonia.

Andras Petho is a Hungarian journalist and co-founder of Direkt36, a nonprofit investigative journalism center based in Budapest. Previously, he had worked at Hungarian news site Origo, the BBC World Service in London, and the investigative unit of The Washington Post.

David Schraven is a German investigative journalist and publisher of CORRECT!V, Germany's first non-profit newsroom. He previously worked with taz, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Welt and WAZ-Gruppe.

Margo Smit is the ombudswoman of the Dutch public broadcaster NOS. She is also the former director of the Dutch-Flemish association for investigative journalism VVOJ and she teaches journalism at the university of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Julia Stein, journalist at German broadcaster NDR, chairwoman of German Netzwerk Recherche.

Martin Stoll is a member of the investigative desks of Sonntagszeitung and Le Matin Dimanche. He is the deputy chairmain of Investigativ.ch and the chairman of Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch.

Stanimir Vaglenov is the founder of Bulgarian Center for investigative journalism. He works for the daily newspaper 24 Casa in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Taja Topolovec is co-founder and director of Pod črto, the first non-profit and independent media for investigative and impact journalism in Slovenia, founded in 2014 with support from its first readers and private donors. Previously, she had been working as a journalist, editor, deputy head of digital development department at Delo d. d. and digital media strategist.

Tarmo Vahter is deputy-editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper Eesti Ekspress in Tallinn, Estonia. tarmo [at] ekspress [dot] ee (Mail).

Fouad Youcefi is an investigative reporter and the chairman of FGJ, the Swedish organization for investigative journalism. FGJ is responsible for the annual investigative journalism conference GRÄV in Sweden, and gives out the Golden Shovel award.

Zaklina Zafirova is a Macedonian journalist and co-founder of Scoop Macedonia.