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Algorithm Accountability track

At the #EIJC&Dataharvest 2017 we pushed algorithm accountability on the European agenda of journalists' to-do lists through a key-note presentations by the hugely inspiring Nicholas Diakopoulos from the University of Maryland/US, who also offered a workshop and a roundtable. In 2018 we will both look for inspiration and at the first European algorithm accountablity investigations.

Editorial group: Matthias Spielkamp, Lorenz Matzat (tbc)

Journalismfund.eu contact: Brigitte Alfter

Covering algorithms and their effects in society has been practiced in the US for some years. We'll again try to bring in some of the pioneer journalists and academics in the field.

Also in Europe investigations into the effects and role of algorithms are carried out. Ahead of the conference we'll trace the relevant journalists and teams to bring them together to present their work.

Following the enthusiasm of the 'Algorithm Accountability Roundtable' at the EIJC17, we'll try to develop the European network of journalists and others interested in and covering algorithms.