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Application Form

To apply for a grant, you need to fill in the online APPLICATION FORM. Other formats of applications such as e-mails or letters are not accepted.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to apply. Please make sure to go through this BEFORE you apply.

To fill in the application form, you must REGISTER first.

After your registration, click on "Application" (button between "News" and "Working Grants"). At the bottom of the column on the left "My Applications" appears under "Application Form".

First, you create a "New applicant" for the main applicant. The other team members must be added too. BEWARE: your applicant profile can no longer be changed after creation!

Then, activate the "New application". All fields with a red asterisk are mandatory. A tip: make a draft and copy-paste all fields afterwards.

If you have already registered, please login and you can edit your APPLICATION. Your application can be changed up to the deadline. 

Please note that ALL documents must be in English, also CVs, budgets and letters of intent. Please make sure that letters of intent are signed.

The management and board of Journalismfund.eu and members of the jury are obliged to keep the nature and details of the applications confidential. Applications may be rejected for budgetary reasons.