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Annemieke Hendriks

Annemieke Hendriks is a Dutch journalist who operates mostly from Berlin, especially along Europe's former East/West borders.

Hendriks studied sociology and language sciences at Groningen University. In the 80s she got to know Europe's East/West borders, working for a German-Swiss-Dutch research project on civil rights at the Freie Universität Berlin-related Berghof Stiftung für Konfliktforschung for some years.

Hendriks lectured Sociology and Cultural Studies at the Journalistic Academy Windesheim Zwolle for eight years before becoming active as a journalist herself. From 1990 onwards she wrote features for Dutch and other European quality papers and magazines; during the last fifteen years fulltime.

Hendriks has published seven non-fiction books (literary and documentary ones), and some more as co-author. Half of them are on European themes and the other half on cultural-historical and social themes.