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Where does the money come from? Our fundraising is conducted according to the following key principles: full transparency, independence and no editorial interference. The overview is meant to give you an idea of where our money comes from; it is not a detailed financial report (although you can find that on our website, too).

Budget 2018

2017 — €1.142.713,00

European cross-border grant programme€292.00025,59 %
Adessium Foundation174.54415,27
Open Society Foundations117.85610,31
EIJC Dataharvest€74.9406,56%
ECPMF partnership     7.220  0,63
Flemish government (support Dataharvest 2017)   10.000  0,88
Stichting Democratie en Media (support Dataharvest 2017)   10.000  0,88
Income Dataharvest 2017   22.720  1,99
Rudolf Augstein Stiftung (support Dataharvest 2017)    5.000  0,44
Adessium (support Dataharvest 2017)  15.000  1,31
Open Society Foundations (support Dataharvest 2017)    5.000  0,44
Investigate Europe!€211.11318,47%
Hans Böckler-Stiftung  80.000  7,00
OSIFE  64.813  5,67
Fritt Ord Foundation    6.300  0,55
Karde-Marie Wirtz  50.000  4,38
Other income  10.000  0,88
Regional Fonds Pascal Decroos grant programme€524.18145,87%
Flemish government390.00034,13
IRJ Postgraduate Course    4.521  0,40
Pascal Decroos Fund Donations  10.578  0,93
Ads Flemish media119.08210,42
EIC project€14.69845,87%
Adessium  14.698  1,29
Other  €25.3812,22%

2016 — €1.004.948

European cross-border grant programme%
Adessium Foundation173.00017,21
Open Society Foundations121.50012,09
Citi Award grants  12.000  1,19
ECPMF partnership   35.000  3,48
Flemish government (support Dataharvest 2016)   10.000  1,00
Transparency International Project (T-ECO) partnership    2.100  0,21
Cronos (support Dataharvest 2016)     5.000  0,50
Mozilla (support Dataharvest 2016)     1.750  0,17
Intercontinental grant programme%
Flemish government (project financing starting from 01/12/2015 -> 31/05/2016)140.00013,93
Investigate Europe!%
Hans Böckler-Stiftung  (project financing starting from 01/09/2016 -> 28/02/2017)125.00012,44
OSIFE  (project financing starting from 01/09/2016 -> 28/02/2017)  62.598  6,23
Regional Fonds Pascal Decroos grant programme%
Flemish government300.00029,85
IRJ Postgraduate Course    8.000  0,80
Pascal Decroos Fund Donations    9.000  0,90

2015 — €931.170

European cross-border grant programme%
Adessium Foundation235.00025,24
Open Society Foundations100.00010,74
European Donations    1.310  0,14
Transparency International Project (T-ECO) partnership  22.260  2,39
Citi Award grants  12.000  1,29
Google Benelux  10.000  1,07
ECPMF partnership   30.000  3,22
Intercontinental grant programme%
Connecting Continents (Oxfam Novib) partnership150.00016,11
Flemish government (project financing starting from 01/12/2015 -> 31/05/2016)  28.000  3,00
Regional Fonds Pascal Decroos grant programme%
Flemish government300.00032,22
IRJ Postgraduate Course    8.000  0,86
Pascal Decroos Fund Donations    6.560  0,70

2014 — €531,666

European cross-border grant programme%
Adessium Foundation189,10035.6
Open Society Foundations (transfer from 2013)26,6965
European Donations13100.3
Regional Fonds Pascal Decroos grant programme%
Flemish government300,00056.4
IRJ Postgraduate Course8,0001.5
Pascal Decroos Fund Donations6,5601.2

2013 — €454,467

In 2013 we announced a new donor: the Dutch Adessium Foundation agreed to support Journalismfund.eu’s cross-border investigative journalism programme as a premium donor for a period of three years, from October 2013 to September 2016. Here's what our total income division for 2013 looked like.

European cross-border grant programme%
Open Society Foundations (transfer from 2012)79,66417.5
Adessium Foundation49,45010.9
Regional Fonds Pascal Decroos grant programme%
Flemish government300,00066
IRJ Postgraduate Course8,0001.8


In the autumn of 2011 the Open Society Foundations Media Program granted us a further € 324.000 for the period from September 2011 to August 2013. This grant supports Journalismfund.eu, Wobbing.eu, Farmsubsidy.org and the new international library for investigative journalism stories InvestigativeStories.org. 

For the Data Harvest Conference in 2011 the previous Farmsubsidy.org grant from the Hewlett Foundation supported several participants. 

In 2011 we wanted to look more closely into the options for a European Centre for Investigative Journalism and received €18.940 for a brainstorm meeting in Brussels.


In August 2009 the Media Program of the Open Society Institute granted us €114.000 in 2nd level seed funding. The money was used for two further rounds of research grants, further fundraising and to strengthen the structure of the organisation. Previously the Media Program has supported a Wobbing.eu plug-in to the European Conference for Investigative Journalism in Brussels in 2008.

In November 2009 the European Journalism Center in Maastricht kindly offered to make possible a Wobbing.eu seminar in Utrecht in cooperation with Journalismfund.eu/Wobbing.eu and the Dutch-Flemish association for Investigative Journalism VVOJ.


The seed funding was obtained through a cooperation with the Network of European Foundations. In September of 2008 the Norwegian Freedom of Expression Foundation Fritt Ord granted € 50.000 to run a pilot project of research grants, establish the necessary structure and conduct further fundraising.