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Keynote speaker EIJC17 and Dataharvest

Keynote speaker EIJC17 and Dataharvest
Dataharvest is excited to welcome acclaimed French investigative journalist Edouard Perrin as our keynote speaker this year. Perrin came under fire after being the first reporter to reveal the secret tax deals between Luxemburg and multinationals, a tax evasion scandal dubbed LuxLeaks when Perrin collaborated with the global ICIJ network.
Perrin is an investigative journalist with Première Lignes’ Cash Investigation, an ICIJ partner.  In 2012 in collaboration with the BBC, Perrin, revealed for the first time details of Luxembourg tax rulings that helped multinational corporations to drastically slash their tax bills. In 2014, two employees of the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provided Perrin with thousands of pages of corporate documents, evidence that the Luxembourg tax authorities allowed companies tax breaks of 1% or less.
In 2016 the French journalist found himself on trial in Luxembourg where he was charged with domestic thievery, violating professional secrets and violating business secrets for facilitating the release of the documents that led to the LuxLeaks investigation. 
Following their publication, the Luxleaks revelations produced public and political outcry, prompting demand for reform of the international tax system. These investigations earned Perrin the Louise Weiss prize for European Journalism. 
Meanwhile, a controversial directive on trade secret has been passed by the European Council. The directive has investigative journalists, the likes of Perrin, reporting on trade in Europe, concerned.