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The decisions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board are executed by the management team:


Managing Director — Ides Debruyne

Ides Debruyne (Belgium) is co-founder of the Belgian Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism, the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ) and Journalismfund.eu. He is managing director of Journalismfund.eu.

Debruyne is co-organizer of the European Investigative Journalism Conference (Dataharvest). He is one of the people behind the cross-border journalism course International Research Journalism (Belgium-The Netherlands).

In 2013 he and his colleague Brigitte Alfter won the 'Prize for the Freedom and Future of Media.

He is the founder of "de Vlaamse Scriptieprijs" (promotes science communication) and "de Vlaamse Scriptiebank" (promotes open acces).
(Photo © Toumaj Khakpour)


Managing Editor — Brigitte Alfter

Brigitte Alfter (Denmark) is managing editor at Journalismfund.eu.
In her field of responsibilities are the European journalism work grants, the program of the annual European Investigative Journalism and Dataharvest Conference and other journalistic and editorial projects. Brigitte Alfter, born 1966 in Germany, is an award-winning journalist based in Denmark and considers Europe her field of interest. She has worked as a local journalist in Denmark and Germany. From 2004-2008 she was the Brussels-correspondent for the Danish daily newspaper Information. 
Already during her years as correspondent and more so afterwards she realised the need for cross-border collaboration among journalists and worked in several European and global research teams including the ICIJ. She also realised the need for support structures for cross-border collaborative journalism in Europe to which the Journalismfund.eu activities aim to contribute. In 2015 she published her Handbook in Cross-border journalism in Danish language, published in German in the autumn of 2017 and forthcoming in English. She has extensive experience in teaching and training journalists on all levels. 
She is a co-founder of several journalism projects, networks and platforms, and she occasionally contributes to scholarly research. 
See long CV here.


Financial Manager — Linda Berckmans

Linda Berckmans (Belgium) is financial manager at Journalismfund.eu vzw. 
She has enjoyed a career in the accounting and business services industry for more than 25 years assisting and providing holistic financial advice to a wide range of international clients. Prior to joining Journalismfund.eu vzw in March 2017, Linda Berckmans was Partner at Baker Tilly Belgium Accountants and Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium Accounting and Tax compliance services.
Besides an in-depth knowledge of accounting, Linda has a solid background in budget development and management, forecasting, planning, business leadership and HR. Linda holds a master degree in Art History and Archeology (University of Brussels VUB) as well as a special degree in Accountancy (Chambre belge des Comptables, Brussels) and was a member of the Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants in Belgium.


Editorial Coordinator — Trine Smistrup

Trine Smistrup (Denmark) is Journalismfund.eu's editorial co-ordinator, working especially with the cross-border grants and the annual European Investigative Journalism and Dataharvest Conference. Trine is a journalist, holds an MA in digital communication and a BA in Spanish. She is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Maintaining and renewing journalistic tools and skills has been a focus in Trine’s work. She was the deputy director for the Danish mid-career training center for journalists for more than a decade and has extensive experience in training, nationally and internationally.
The advantages of working cross-border to share experience and improve journalism were Trine’s interest from an early stage, for example in building up the European Journalism Training Association, EJTA, and especially its mid-career section. Later, she was a project coordinator for the Nordic Journalism Center, working to enhance networking and sharing between journalists from the Nordic countries. For a total of six years, she was a coordinator for the Nordic Journalism Center’s program in Russia. She has been the project coordinator for SCOOP Russia, a support program for investigative journalism in Russia. Today, she is a volunteer for SCOOP Russia and editor of the international SCOOP website.


Communication — Lisa Akinyi May

Lisa Akinyi May (Kenya) is in charge of Journalismfund.eu’s communications. Lisa studied Journalism at Thomas More University College (Mechelen, Belgium), majoring in television broadcasting. While studying, she did an internship at UNOCHA’s humanitarian news agency, IRIN (currently independent). As a journalist she has worked for Belgian VRT News channel, MO* Magazine and Mediahuis. Currently, she's finishing her Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Antwerp.