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Pre-dataharvest Hack Day

Which companies win the biggest contracts from governments? What kind of services does your city outsource - and to what contractors? On Thursday 2 May, the Open Knowledge Foundation's OpenSpending organises a pre-dataharvest Hack Day in Brussels, on which they will open up the EU procurement register.

The European procurement register holds data from +750,000 contracts awarded by public agencies across the member states [1]. Many data journalism projects could be hidden here, so let's make the data more accessible.

What's on for the Hack Day in a nutshell:

  • Procurement data: We'll be building some of the work already done by opented.org [2]
  • Publicbodies.org: Pull public bodies from procurement data 
  • Farm subsidy data: Dive into a fresh batch of data from EU's largest spending programme [3]

Learn more and find all necessary information on the Hack Day here.


Location: Erasmushogeschool, Brussels, Belgium
Register here.

The Hack Day is organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation's OpenSpending and sponsored by Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.

[1] http://ted.europa.eu/
[2] https://github.com/opented/opented
[3] http://farmsubsidy.org/