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Pre-Dataharvest: Learn and share the best tips in data training

Do you train others in data journalism? Come to EIJC & Dataharvest Conference a day earlier and join colleagues and some of the most experienced data journalism trainers. The training is free for those attending the conference! 
What is the best way to train data journalism skills? How do you plan a workshop that shares your knowledge and empowers reporters? When do you slow down and when do you accelerate your training pace? How do you deal with disruptive trainees or a mix of skill levels across the classroom? 
How do you charge someone with enthusiasm for learning while preparing them for hard work after a three-session jumpstart into a new coding language? And how can trainers keep a class engaged over a two-day boot camp? 
Data Harvest is proud to host its first Train the Trainers course for data journalism teachers. Please join us, share your experiences and get new tips for giving your training the best impact.
Some of the world's best DDJ veteran educators will introduce their methods and share their wisdom accumulated while training worldwide over the past 20 years. The workshop brings together Helena Bengtsson, Jodi Upton, Brant Houston, Luuk Sengers, Nils Mulvad and Jonathan Stoneman. Participants will immerse in open discussions, hands-on demonstrations with live critique, and take home a unique workshop report collecting all presentations, tip sheets and used data.
Please register on the Google Document below. For any further questions please email info [at] journalismfund [dot] eu with cc to crinaboros [at] gmail [dot] com