Dataharvest+ speakers Joris Luyendijk and Friedrich Lindenberg interviewed | Award and grants for reporting on cancer

Joris Luyendijk: “There’s no such thing as a fly on the wall”

LONDON - Anthropologist-author-journalist Joris Luyendijk will be one of the headliners of this year’s Dataharvest+ conference in May. Luyendijk worked as a Middle-East correspondent for a number of years before moving to London to run a banking blog for The Guardian. Journalism + anthropology? Let’s see. four databases in one

BERLIN - German software developer Friedrich Lindenberg (online alias: pudo) is a regular at's Dataharvest Conference. His newest initiative,, a collection of several official EU databases, will be one of the eye-catchers at Dataharvest+ 2014. Let's take a closer look at pudo.

Award and grants for reporting on cancer

MILAN - The European School of Oncology (ESO) has announced its annual Best Cancer Reporter Award as well as a new initiative on cancer reporting the Cancer World Journalist Grant.

Dataharvest+, The European Investigative and Data Journalism Conference

Investigative journalists, data specialists and coding whizz-kids will once again gather in Brussels this year for the fourth edition of’s Dataharvest Conference, renamed Dataharvest+. It takes place on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday morning 11 May 2014.