#dataharvest13 – the meeting place for investigative journalism in Europe // 4 cross-border stories published supported by Journalismfund // Journalismfund team among nominees for 1st European Press Prize


The Data Harvest Conference, one of the most relevant networking events for journalists who want to cover Europe, was organised for the third time in 2013, with committed and clever journalists from all over Europe sharing enriching inspiration on European investigative and data journalism. #dataharvest13 took place on 3 and 4 May in Brussels.


Buy your way into EU Citizenship

BUCHAREST - Dodgy dealers in Romanian nationality can conjure up genuine documents for fake applicants, and with it the right to work within the EU.

Roma exploitation: end of the dream

KATUNITSA - Some 10 to 12 million Roma are estimated to travel around Europe. The political dimension of this ethnical and social challenge is an ongoing discussion in the EU, but what is never told is the dark economy of Roma migration. Who benefits from the large afflux of mainly poor people into western Europe?

Pulp fiction: Chinese tomato puree, made in Italy

SALERNO - A great amount of capital is invested in agriculture and gains juicy but illegal returns. Nearly one in three 'Made in Italy'-labeled goods sold in Italy or exported elsewhere are produced with non-Italian products.

Bad Doctor: question marks over EU's doctor register

BERLIN - Free movement of labour within the European Union causes a significant and growing number of doctors working abroad. However, that also requires free movement of information, in order to secure patients' safety.

Winners European Press Prize announced

AMSTERDAM – The European Press Prize Foundation announced the four winners of its Awards. In this first edition of the European Press Prize, winning entries came from Denmark, Greece, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.