Debate: protecting your sources in the EU | Interview with Hans-Martin Tillack | Application deadlines for the coming years

Jury Event: Sources - How to Protect Them in the EU (Brussels)

On Tuesday evening 3 December 2013, in cooperation with Dutch-Flemish deBuren, hosts an event for press and public about the protection of sources in the EU.

Jury member goes public: Hans-Martin Tillack

BRUSSELS - German investigative journalist Hans-Martin Tillack has been a member of’s cross-border jury for the past four years. At’s jury event on 3 December 2013 in Brussels, Tillack will officially announce his retirement from the jury.

Application rounds for the coming years announced

BRUSSELS – announces the deadline dates for its application rounds for cross-border investigative journalism projects. There will be five application rounds between now and mid-2016.

More applications for cross-border journalism grants than ever before

BRUSSELS – During its October 2013 application round received a record number of 51 applications for cross-border projects. Journalists from all over Europe applied.