Grant application deadline September 24 - New working grant published - Other news

  1. JF NEWS: Three weeks to application deadline
  2. JF GRANTS: Cord blood banking
  3. JF NEWS: project international bestseller
  4. CROSS-BORDER NEWS: Study into prevention of EU fraud through investigative journalism
  5. WOBBING: Study on citizens' right to information
  6. WOBBING: German FOI law to include companies

Call for applications open

BRUSSELS - Do you have an idea for a European story? Do you have an idea for a story that goes across borders? Then maybe can help you with a research grant.

International Offensive on Cord Blood Banking

ANTWERP - It’s the latest fashion in maternity hospitals. Mothers throughout the EU are encouraged to privately bank the cord blood of their newborn babies. But private cord blood banks are not free from criticism. On the contrary.

Creating an investigative reporting best-seller

LJUBLJANA - Bla┼ż Zgaga and Matej Surc along with colleagues in neighbouring countries investigated Slovenia’s massive arms smuggling scandal. Read Blaz Zgaga's article on how they turned the story into a best-selling book trilogy.

Deterrence of fraud with EU funds through investigative journalism

BRUSSELS - A voyage of discovery through the European Union to explore the current state of investigative journalism. A search for answers to the question of whether robust, cross-border investigative journalism into fraud, mismanagement or human error in the spending of European money can contribute to improved European governance. During the last six months, this journey became a full-time occupation for investigative journalist Margo Smit and six of her colleagues.

Study in information rights suggests more EU legislation

BRUSSELS - Looking for an extensive study on how citizens in the EU are informed by their national media? You can start downloading now. With the study comes a bunch of recommendations on how some some of the identified problems could be overcome. For a competition of how to understand the message – see below.

Transparency widens to state-owned companies

BERLIN - Companies owned by the state for 50 percent or more fall under the same transparency regulations as public bodies, a court ruling by the Berlin Administrative Court says. Previously, the freedom of information regulation only held for companies owned by the state for 70 or 80 percent.