Offshore Leaks: ICIJ director Gerard Ryle speaks at unique conference Brussels // Working grant: olive oil, the liquid gold // A look back at #dataharvest13

Offshore Leaks: ICIJ director Ryle in Brussels

BRUSSELS - For the first time since the revelation of the tax haven scandal 'Offshore Leaks' the director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Australian journalist Gerard Ryle, will be in Europe to speak about the workings of the investigation and the future developments of the project.

Olive oil, the liquid gold

JAEN - The farms in Jaen in Spain provide a substantial amount of the total vegetable produce consumed across Europe and receive large farm subsidies from the EU. However, very often the people working on the farms are exploited and the environment is neglected.

#dataharvest13 – A Fruitful Produce

BRUSSELS - On 3 and 4 May 2013 the third edition of’s Data Harvest Conference took place in Erasmushogeschool in Brussels. Some 150 investigative and data journalists and programmers from all across the European continent took part in what was a great harvest of ideas and digital research methods.

"People have all sorts of illusions about investigative journalism which I guess I wanted to tackle"

BRUSSELS - Paul Bradshaw publishes the Online Journalism Blog and is the founder of investigative journalism website Help Me Investigate. At the #dataharvest13 conference, he talked about Help Me Investigate the Olympics, which combined crowdsourcing, cross-border and data journalism in a unique investigation into wrongdoings around the Olympic torch relay of 2012.