Working grant published: gold mining in Rosia Montana, Romania

The Gold Trail

ROSIA MONTANA - The Romanian village of Rosia Montana has been a site of historic gold and silver mining for over two millennia. Now, mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation plans a massive mining project, which is dividing the village into supporters and opponents.

“EU should work on source protection, whistleblowing and access to information”

BRUSSELS – At an event on Tuesday 3 December, Stern reporter Hans-Martin Tillack and media law professor Dirk Voorhoof discussed the protection of journalistic sources in the EU. The evening on protection of sources was organised by Flemish-Dutch house deBuren and

Application rounds for the coming years announced

BRUSSELS – announces the deadline dates for its application rounds for cross-border investigative journalism projects. There will be five application rounds between now and mid-2016.