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Who is who

This page is to help participants and speakers find their way during the Dataharvest & The European Investigative Journalism Conference 2017.


Responsible for overall program: Brigitte Alfter brigitte [dot] alfter [at] journalismfund [dot] eu 

Also on the team

Ides Debruyne - Ides [dot] Debruyne [at] journalismfund [dot] eu - +32 2 726 97 88

Trine Smistrup -  trine [dot] smistrup [at] journalismfund [dot] eu 

Data Training Coordinator: Crina Boros

Hack Day Coordinators: Adriana Homolova


Event management

Overall responsible for Event: Lisa May - Lisa [dot] may [at] journalismfund [dot] eu - +32 2 705 59 19

Also on the team (only part time):

Rafael Njotea: rafael [dot] njotea [at] journalismfund [dot] eu

Goele Geeraert: goele [dot] geeraert [at] journalismfund [dot] eu


General communications: Lisa May - lisa [dot] may [at] journalismfund [dot] eu

On the team:

Ihsane Rahmoune (temporary) - Ihsane [dot] rahmoune [at] journalismfund [dot] eu

Volunteers (Communications)