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Working Grants - Alphabetical

Rasmus Raun Westh

Rasmus Raun Westh is an investigative reporter with a passion for cross-border data journalism, experimental multimedia storytelling, film making as well as trying to understand and uncover how the world works. 
He has previously been based in Cairo, New York and Istanbul. He is a part-time digital reporter and editor at Dagbladet Information in Copenhagen and a co-founder of the Europe’s Hidden War project. 
Find him on Twitter at @rasmuswesth. 

Richard Kirimba


Richard Kirimba works as a journalist for Radio Moto Oicha. He studied journalism at the local University.


Roel Nollet


Roel Nollet is an independent journalist and documentary maker with over 10 years of experience in socially engaged documentary projects. His work has been shown on CANVAS, VRT, CBC and Al Jazeera. He is the founder of the RedHorse Collective, and the creative mind behind Taxi Filippino, Nathan - Free as a Bird, Radio Cordillera, and the Journalismfund.eu-supported documentary Worthy of the Crown.


Roman Anin


Roman Anin is an award-winning Russian journalist.


Sabine Prokscha


Sabine Prokscha (1978) is a German journalist.


Safak Timur


Safak Timur has been a journalist for ten years, working for several media outlets, including AFP and the BBC's Turkish section, before becoming a freelancer. Based in Istanbul, Timur covers Turkey with a regional perspective both for domestic and international audience.


Sanne Terlingen

Sanne Terlingen works as an investigative journalist for OneWorld and Argos.
OneWorld is a multimedia platform specialised in reporting on cross-border issues such as migration, climate change and the war on terror. Argos is the main investigative reporting radio program on Dutch public radio. It has a long history of exposing abuse of power and holding authorities to account for lack of accountability and transparency. 



Sara Farolfi

Sara Farolfi is an Italian freelance journalist. Specialising in international economic issues, she started working as a staff reporter for the Business section of the Italian national newspaper Il Manifesto. She has collaborated as an investigative reporter with the some of the leading Italian and international media.
She is a member of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI).

Sara Moreira


Sara Moreira is a Portuguese journalist and software engineer.


Sara Weber


Sara Weber is a German journalist.