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Working Grants - Chronological

Working grant - Europe, the Uranium Hell

The EU's member states' focus on energy independence is putting at risk the environment and the health of its citizens, due to the bloc’s continued exploitation of European uranium resources.


Working grant - Game On

Hundreds of African and South-American minors come to Europe each year searching for a better life and professional success in the El Dorado of European football leagues. In doing so they expose themselves to multimillionaire cross-national structures of power and quick profits.


Working grant - Confiscated Goods in Europe

Despite a European directive on joint jurisdiction on confiscated goods, actual European monitoring is virtually nonexistent. European criminal organisations take advantage of this lack of solid jurisdiction.


Working grant - The Future Is Brown: Fresh Coal Plants for the Balkans

While the Western Balkans have a widely untapped potential for green energy, Balkan governments like Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina are locking national energy systems into outdated and heavily polluting coal infrastructures for decades to come.


Working grant - Land Grabbing in the EU: How Rabobank is profiting off theft and abuse in Romania

The Dutch banking giant Rabobank is accused of profiting off the back of fraud...


Working grant - Nerves of Steel: How the EU gave carte blanche to health poisoners

Steel producers and other industrial sectors must comply with new EU emission rules by 2016. But the giants of the steel industry have watered down their obligations after a successful lobbying campaign within the EU decision-making process.


Working grant - The Migrants Files: Follow The Money

Refugees and migrants spend over €1 billion a year to reach Europe. Europeans pay a similar amount to keep them out. A few companies benefit handsomely in the process. The hope business is cruel—and highly lucrative.


Working grant - Mafia in Africa

The Italian mafia has established a hidden but lethal presence in Africa. Its members own diamond mines, nightclubs and land, all with the complicity of corrupt regimes.


Working grant - The Profiteers of the Hungarian-Romanian Border Area

Dozens of millions of Euros were spent on roads across the Romanian-Hungarian border that lead nowhere.


Working grant - Generation E

Generation E is a cross-border collaborative project by a team of four southern European journalists that sheds light on the migration of southern Europeans within Europe.


Working grant - The Belarus Networks

Since 1994, Belarussian president Lukashenko and his close entourage grabbed an estimated $10 billion from the Belarussian people. This investigation maps the money flows of the Belarussian elite.