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Working Grants - Thematical

Working grant - FCC - Nigeria's artist village

Inspired by the staggering success of its film industry Nollywood, Nigeria now wants to boost its other creative industries. Culture is primed to be the country's next oil. The government has labeled the cultural sector ‘potentially the biggest source of economical growth’ and accords it preferred status. A flourishing cultural sector is expected to provide jobs, improve Nigeria’s international standing and attract foreign capital.

Working grant - Kunstjagd - The Hunt for the Jewish Mona Lisa

A painting that saved the lives of more than 30 people but has been lost for almost eight decades. A case of looted art that leads from Germany’s present right into its dark past. That is the subject of the Kunstjagd investigation, a crowdsourced hunt for a piece of art.


Working grant - The Dark Business of Soviet Art

KIEV - For more than 40 years Tatyana Jablonskaya's name and signature have been the pride of soviet realism's paintings. Her masterpieces, vibrant, popular scenes of a dream life in the USSR, illustrated communist propaganda appearing everywhere from reproductions in schoolbooks and political booklets to exhibitions in art museums all across the USSR. But now increasingly, original paintings of Jablonskaya's are disappearing, ever more forged versions taking their place.