The jury for the European cross-border working grant programme consists of four experienced personalities knowledgeable in the field of journalism and media. Membership is rotating and anonymous, although the names of the jury members are made public once they step out of the jury. Here is a list of all former jury members.


Mar Cabra

Mar Cabra (Spain): 2013 - 2017

Mar Cabra is a data editor at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Her interview with (EN) can be found here - 10 November 2017.





Joop Bouma

Joop Bouma (The Netherlands): 2012 - 2015

Joop Bouma, Netherlands, is an editor and reporter for the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw, where he has covered environmental and criminal beats and has also served as national editor. Bouma is also an ICIJ member.




Tiit Hennoste

Tiit Hennoste (Estonia): 2009-2015

Tiit Hennoste is an Estonian media scholar and linguist. He lectures at Tartu University. (Photo © University of Tartu / Andres Tennus)




Hans-Martin Tillack

Hans-Martin Tillack (Germany): 2009-2013

Hans-Martin Tillack is a German investigative journalist at Stern magazine. In the early 2000s, he began investigating and ultimately exposed the Eurostat fraud scandal. In 2005 he was awarded the Leipzig Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media for his EU investigations. (Photo ©

Find out more about him below: 

Nils Mulvad

Nils Mulvad (Denmark): 2009 -2013

Nils Mulvad is an associate professor at The Danish School of Media and Journalism and partner and editor at Kaas & Mulvad. He co-founded and the Global Investigative Journalism Network and co-organised the two first Global Investigative Journalism Conferences. He specialises in the development of new methods in data journalism and using mobile and social media for journalism. In 2006 he won the European Journalist of the Year award by the European Voice. 

Find out more about him below.

  • Interview for (EN) - 26 March 2013
  • Interview for (DK) - 4 April 2013



David Leigh

David Leigh (United Kingdom): 2009-2011

David Leigh used to be the investigations executive editor of Britsh newspaper The Guardian. He worked on the jailing of Jonathan Aitken and the exposure of secret payments by arms company BAE and some of the Wikileaks disclosures. He retired in 2013.