Our vision and mission

We believe that journalism is crucial to fostering living democracies throughout Europe. We are dedicated to advancing independent and investigative journalism across Europe that serves the public interest, furthers accountability as well as transparency, and contributes to critical thinking and well-informed debate. 

We aim to promote and develop professional journalism in Europe in response to the challenges and opportunities stemming from increased digitalisation, the internationalisation of political, business and criminal power structures, as well as changing revenue models. 

Journalismfund.eu vzw is an independent non‐profit organisation established in 1998 by citizens. The organisation was established with the purpose of facilitating investigative, cross-border and independent journalism in order to promote democracy in Europe by connecting donors and journalists without endangering the journalists’ independence.

This is how we work:

  • We facilitate donors so that they can play their role supporting investigative journalism to the maximum extent possible. We therefore report in a very transparent way about our projects.
  • We facilitate journalists to conduct investigative and cross-border journalism and we safeguard their independence from donors.
  • We help journalists disseminate their stories among citizens.

Our origin

Journalismfund.eu is a Belgian-registered independent non-profit organisation originating from the Pascal Decroos Fund for investigative journalism. The Fund was set up in 1998 by family, close friends and colleagues of Pascal Decroos to commemorate and continue the legacy of this Belgian journalist. Initially, Journalismfund.eu was called the Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism. In 2013, the name was changed into Journalismfund.eu vzw.

What we stand for, is what Pascal Decroos stood for, in word and deed. He was dedicated to investigative journalism and was committed to create opportunities to develop young talented journalists. He had the ability to bring people from very different parts of society together to enter into a dialogue and work together.

The journalism we stand for

The journalism we support is characterised by the two “I”s:  investigative and independent.

  • Investigative journalism is fact-based, well-researched, uses the best available methods and respects the relevant professional, ethical and legal rules and standards.
  • Independent journalism is credible because it is editorially independent of political, economic or other types of influence. Journalismfund.eu strives to provide the necessary structures to safeguard such editorial independence.

Our values

  • Independent. We operate independently from any political or economic influences, donors or other interests. We respect the editorial independence of the journalists we work with.
  • Transparent. Our board, staff members, partners and the general public know what we stand for, how we operate and how we take decisions. We ask those we work with to be equally transparent.  We are aware that transparency in the context of investigative journalism can expose people to risk and are therefore mindful of our requirements.
  • Collaborative. Collaboration empowers. It amplifies the impact of journalists and journalism. Our grant programmes are designed to stimulate journalists to work together. Our willingness and ability to collaborate with key stakeholders in our field strengthens our strategy. Collaboration within and between our organisational structure strengthens our operations.
  • Responsive. We act according to the needs and interests of journalists.  We adapt to changing external and internal opportunities and threats. We walk our talk.
  • Innovative. We propagate new journalistic methods and skills. We encourage creative thinking and are willing to try out new approaches.