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Sabrina Pignedoli

Sabrina Pignedoli is an Italian investigate journalist specialised in crime and judiciary news.

Safak Timur

Safak Timur is an Istanbul based reporter for a decade, tries to tell the world about Turkey, mostly in English,

Salvatore Di Rosa

Salvatore Di Rosa (1972) is a freelance journalist, researcher and Russia expert. He writes for HUMO, Apache.be and EOS among others.

Sam Asaert

Sam Asaert (°1987) is a Belgian freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker. 

Sanne Terlingen

Sanne Terlingen is a Dutch investigative journalist currently working for Argos (VPRO, radio) magazine.

Sara Farolfi

Sara Farolfi is an Italian freelance journalist.

Sara Moreira

Sara Moreira is a Portuguese freelance journalist, web-developer, data-analyst, writer and translator.

Sara Weber

Sara Weber is a German journalist.

Sarah Haaij

Sarah Haaij is a freelance journalist who specialises in sustainability, development aid, trade and conflict.

Sarah Lamote

Sarah Lamote is a Belgian journalist based in Ankara, Turkey, where she has lived since the end of 2017.

Sarah Vanagt

Sarah Vanagt (º 1976)  studied history in Antwerp, Brighton and Groningen, and film at the National Film and Television School, London. She lives in Brussels and makes documentaries, video installations and photos. Vanagt is currently working on an experimental documentary film in the street where she lives in Brussels (premiere at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, May 2010).

Saša Leković

Saša Leković is a Croatian freelance investigative journalist, trainer and media advisor.

Saska Cvetkovska

Saska Cvetkovska is an investigative journalist based in Skopje, Macedonia.


Sebastian Gjerding

Sebastian Gjerding is a Danish journalist at Dagbladet Information.

Sébastien Gobert

Sébastien Gobert is a French journalist and traveller. After living in different countries in Europe, he settled in Ukraine in 2011.

Selma Franssen

Selma Franssen is a freelance journalist. Her work has been published by Charlie Magazine, OneWorld, De Morgen, De Standaard, The New Statesman, VPRO and Vice.

Sergejs Pavlovs

Sergejs Pavlovs is Latvian freelance journalist, specialised in financial affairs, who works mostly for online services of Latvian public broadcaster LSM.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is a freelance international journalist who has a passion for combining on-the-ground interviews with data-led investigation in West Africa and Europe.

Shanna Jones

Shucken Tan

Shuchen Tan is a Dutch filmmaker at VPRO. 

Sigrid Vertommen

Sigrid Vertommen is postdoctoral researcher at King's College London into the political economy of global fertility chains.

Sigrid Vertommen

Sigute Limontaite

Sigute Limontaite is a Lithuanian foreign reporter based in London. She covers current affairs, specialising in Lithuanian immigrants in the UK.

Simon Kamm

Simon Kamm is an experienced journalist and published author, now working freelance between Lisbon, London and Berlin.

Siona Houthuys

Siona Houthuys is a Belgian radio and theater maker.


Sofia da Palma Rodrigues

Sofia da Palma Rodrigues is a freelance journalist living in Portugal.

Sorin Ozon

Sorin Ozon is an investigative journalist in Romania.

Sorin Semeniuc

Sorin Semeniuc is an award-winning journalist and reporter for the national daily Romania Libera.

Sorin Semeniuc

Sorina Vasilescu

Sorina Vasilescu (Sorina Vazelina) is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist born and educated in Romania.

Staffan Dahllöf

Staffan Dahllöf (1955) is a freelance reporter based in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Stanimir Vaglenov

Stanimir Vaglenov is the online projects manager at Media Group Bulgaria.

Stefania Maurizi

Stefania Maurizi is an Italian investigative journalist, a regular contributor to the Italian leading newspaper la Repubblica.