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Pavla Holcová

Pavla Holcová is an investigative journalist and founder of investiace.cz, based in Prague.

Penelope Deltour

Penelope studied graphic design after her study illustration to also control and apply the technical side of graphic design.
After that she started working as a designer in a creative printing company and in the meantime built her creative career.

Pere Rusinol

Since 2012 Pere Rusiñol (Barcelona, 1972) is involved in setting up new and independent media, specially at "Alternativas Económicas", "Mongolia" and "Eldiario.es".

Peter Allen Clark

Peter Allen Clark is a data journalist and has worked for Vice and TIME on some amazing data journalism stories.

Peter Allen Clark

Peter Dupont

Peter Dupont (50) is a Belgian investigative journalist, columnist, author, and lector.

Peter Vanham

Peter Vanahm is an economics jornalist. He writes about the relaiton between the economy, entrepreneurship, and the real life everywhere in the world.

Petru Zoltan

Petru Zoltan is a Romanian journalist working for Romania libera.

Petrut Calinescu

Petrut Calinescu is a documentary photographer and videographer based in Bucharest, Romania. He holds a bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Phara de Aguirre

Phara de Aguirre is a Belgian journalist.

Phil Miller

Phill Miller is an investigative journalist and reporter with the London‑based Morning Star newspaper. 

Philip Jacobson

Philip Jacobson is a senior contributing editor with the environmental news site Mongabay, focusing primarily on Indonesia.

Philipp Hummel

Philipp Hummel is a Berlin-based freelance journalist with a special interest in science politics and investigative research.

Phillip de Wet

Phillip de Wet is an associate editor at at Business Insider, Media24 (South Africa).

Phillip Kemp

Phillip Kemp (1980) is a British senior journalist at BBC News.

Philip Kemp

Pieter Bauwens

Pieter Bauwens is a Belgian journalist.

Pieter Huyberechts

Pieter Huyberechts is a Belgian journalist working for Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad.

Pieter Stockmans

Pieter Stockmans is a Belgian journalist and follows the foreign policy of the European Union.

Pieter van der Houwen

Pieter van der Houwen is a Dutch photographer and journalist.

Pieter Van Eecke

Born in Belgium in 1975, Pieter Van Eecke studied Philosophy at Ghent University and Sculpture at Sint-Lucas Brussels. He works and lives in South America and became a filmmaker.


Piret Reiljan

Piret Reiljan is the head of the investigative desk at Äripäev. (Estonia)

Preben Verledens

Preben Verledens is a documentary maker and editor. Together with Maui Druez he investigates in 'I am Golden Karen' how questions about identity, memory and territory manifest themselves among the young migrants and how the characters reconcile the desire to return to the homeland with a will to settle in host country Thailand.

Precious Mbewu

Precious Mbewu is a South African interviewer and translator

Prune Antoine

Prune Antoine (1981) is a french freelance journalist. She is based in Berlin.

Qian Sun

Based in Berlin, Germany, Qian Sun works as a freelance journalist for multiple media outlets in China and Europe.

Quentin Noirfalisse

Quentin Noirfalisse is a Belgian freelance investigative journalist

Raf Custers

Raf Custers (°1954) is a Belgian historian and journalist. 

Raf Sauviller

Raf Sauviller (1955-2018) was an investigative journalists writing for the Belgian magazines HUMO, EOS and P-Magazine. He has published books about the mafia, the Bende van Nijvel, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Flemish liberalist politician Jean-Marie Dedecker.

Ragnar Skre

Journalist Ragnar Skre - based in Belgium - has been a foreign news reporter since 2007, covering news events as well as in-depth stories for Norwegian media.

Rasmus Raun Westh

Rasmus Raun Westh is a Danish investigative reporter with a passion for cross-border data journalism.

Raymond Dakoua

Raymond Dakoua is a photographer of Ivorian origin who lives and works in Brussels.