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Vlad Odobescu

Vlad Odobescu is a Romanian freelance feature writer.

Wederik De Backer

Wederik De Backer creates radio documentaries and podcasts.

Wies Willems

Wies Wilems (°1985) is a freelance journalist who writes for MO* Magazine, amongst others. He studied Germanic languages and Conflict & Development (UGent), and took the investigative journalism course Internationale Researchjournalistiek (Thomas More Mechelen).

Willem De Bock

Willem De Bock is a Belgian investigative journalist.

Willem De Bock

Willem De Maeseneer

Willem De Maeseneer is a Belgian journalist.

Willem Staes

Willem Staes (° 1990) is Middle East policy officer for the Belgian NGO 11.11.11.

William de Bruijn

William de Bruijn is a senior researcher at VPRO Broadcast Company (The Netherlands).

Wim Van den Eynde

Wim Van den Eynde (1966) is a Civil Engineer Architect (K.U.L, Leuven) and studied Political and Social Sciences (K.U.L., Leuven). He has been making reports for the Belgian public broadcaster VRT/Canvas since 1996. Since 2005 he is a journalist for Panorama (later Pano) (CANVAS, VRT).

Wojciech Ciesla

Wojciech Ciesla (Poland) is member of Investigate Europe team.

Wouter Elsen

Wouter Elsen is a video- and photo journalist living in Leuven, Belgium. For 2 years, he lived in Burkina Faso.

Yana Tkachenko

Donetsk-based Yana Tkachenko has been working in various print and online publications in Ukraine, including as a journalist, proof-reader and chief editor of a newspaper.

Yann Verbeke

Yann Verbeke is a Belgian documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels.

Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou

Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou is a freelance journalist based in Athens.

Yiannis Panagiotopoulos

Yiannis Panagiotopoulos (born in Athens, 1985) is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Greece.

Zecharias Getahun

Zecharias Getahun is an Ethiopian freelance journalist who lives in Addis Abeba.

Zekirja Shabani

Zekirja Shabani is a Kosovo journalist.

Zelfa Madhloum

Zelfa Madhloum is an Iraqi born in Belgium. She studied journalism and accompanied journalist Pieter Stockmans to Lebanon for his project “tussen vrijheid en geluk” to interview Syrian refugees. In 2013 she first visited her country of origin about which she published the series 'Between Antwerp and Bagdad' in Gazet van Antwerpen. Her documentary about Iraq was broadcast on 31 August 2013 on Canvas.

Zeynep Sentek

Zeynep Sentek is a Turkish academic and freelance journalist specialising in investigations, human rights, workers' rights, and military issues.

Zoltán Sipos

Zoltán Sipos is a Hungarian journalist living in Romania.