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Teodora Mihai

Teodora Mihai (1981) is a Belgian-Romanian documentary maker and scriptwriter. She was born in Bucharest, Romania, under Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorship. In '89 she came to Belgium and was reunited with her parents, who had fled there the year before. Mihai studied film at the Sarah Lawrence College in Upstate New York and worked as script supervisor, assistant director and TV maker.

Teun Voeten

Teun Voeten, who originally studied Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy in the Netherlands, is an award-winning photojournalist and author who has been covering the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sudan, Angola, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Colombia, Gaza, Liberia, Lebanon and Iraq.

Tevye Markson

Tevye Markson is a British freelance journalist with an interest in social and environmental issues, international politics and global underground music cultures.

Thembi Mutch

Thembi Mutch is a global studies research associate at Roehampton and Sussex Universities.

Thibeau Aerts

Thibeau Aerts is a Belgian Iran expert and freelance producer.

Thomas Muntz

Thomas Muntz (1987) is a philosopher and political scientist. He is editor-in-chier of deFusie.net, an opinion platform for young academics, junior lecturer of philosophical history at Amsterdam University and freelance investigative journalist for De Onderzoeksredactie, De Groene Amsterdammer and De Correspondent.

Thomas Van de Putte

Thomas Van de Putte studied History at the University of Ghent and Nationalism Studies at Central European University. He has worked as a journalist for Reuters and as a freelance journalist for various broadcasters and newspapers across Europe.

Tibor Rácz

Tibor Rácz is a Hungarian investigative journalist.

Tim De Keersmaecker

Tim De Keesmaecker is a Belgian director and assistant researcher at the RITSC in Brussels. 

Tim Dirven

 Tim Dirven is a photographer.

Tim Vernimmen

Tim Vernimmen is a Belgian science journalist.


Tina De Gendt

Tina De Gendt is a freelance journalist, historian and city guide in Ghent.

Tine Danckaers

Tine Danckaers is a Belgian journalist. 

Tine Hens

Tine Hens is a Belgian journalist and author of "Het klein verzet".

Tine Maenhout

Tine Maenhout is a Belgian journalist. 

Tinne Claes

Tinne Claes  is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leuven.

Tom Bowker

Tom Bowker is a freelance journalist based in Maputo, Mozambique, and co-founder and editor of Zitamar News, an English-language online news source for Mozambique. 

Tom Cassauwers

Tom Cassauwers is a Belgian freelance journalist who writes about technology and its impact on our economy and politics.

Tom Cochez

Tom Cochez is a Belgian investigative journalist.

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is the founder and editor of The Gecko Project, an investigative journalism initiative established to shine a light on the corruption driving land grabs and the destruction of tropical rainforests.

Tom Miles

Tom Miles is a freelance writer based in France and taking a break after 18 years with Reuters in Geneva, Beijing, Moscow, Hong Kong and Brussels. 

Tom Wills

Tom Wills is a freelance data journalist based in Berlin, Germany.

Tom Ysewijn

Tom Ysewijn is a policy officer at Oxfam.

Toon Lambrechts

Toon Lambrechts works as a freelance journalist and writes for Knack en Mo* Magazine, among others.

Toon Van den Brempt

The development and combination of technical, social and artistic skills has always fascinated me and continues to inspire me. Also for example to give testimony of the war past of our family and the processing. The television series 'Children of the Collaboration ', the book 'The sorrow of Flanders' and the eponymous musical-literary performance illustrate this."

Trui Hanoulle

Trui Hanoulle is a Belgian photographer, storyteller, graphic designer, teacher, motorcyclist, long-distance traveller, queer.

Urvashi Sarkar

Urvashi Sarkar has a long history of reporting social issues in India for amongst other Al Jazeera and The Wire. 

Urvashi Sarkar

Vanessa Offiong

Adie Vanessa Offiong is an award-winning journalist and an assistant editor at Daily Trust Newspaper, Abuja, Nigeria.

Varsha Torgalkar

Varsha Torgalkar is a journalist based in Maharashtra, India.

Véronique Goossens

Véronique Goossens is chief opinion leader and deputy chief economist at the Belgian bank Belfius.