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Luca Putteman

Luca Putteman is a Belgian communication expert.

Luca Rinaldi

Luca Rinaldi is a freelance journalist and member of Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) and contributor at Corriere della Sera.

Luk Dewulf

Luk is a Belgian investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. 

Luke Dale-Harris

Luke Dale-Harris is a freelance investigative reporter based in Romania and the UK. 

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is a Dutch independent investigative journalist, university teacher and media trainer/consultant. 

Maaike Goslinga

Maaike Goslinga is a Dutch journalist at De Correspondent.

Maik Baumgärtner

Maik Baumgärtner is a German journalist and author based in Berlin.

Marc Hoogsteyns

Marc Hoogsteyns (°1961) is a Belgian journalist who has been living and working in Africa for 25 years.

Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout, born in 1968, is an investigative journalist, author, food and railway writer.

Marcus Pfeil

Marcus is a German journalist who is specialised in complex trans media storytelling projects.

Maria Groot

Maria Groot (1983) is an independent journalist, based in Palermo (Italy).

Marian Männi

Marian Männi is an Estonian investigative journalist and co-founder at fixers.press.

Marijntje Denters

Marijntje Denters is a broadcast journalist in The Netherlands.


Markus Hametner

Markus Hametner is a Data Journalist in Austria.

Marthe Vee

Marthe Vee was a Norwegian freelance journalist and currently works for NOPA.

Márton Sarkadi Nagy

Márton Sarkadi-Nagy is a freelance investigative reporter based in Budapest, Hungary.

Matej Šurc

Matej Šurc is a Slovenian journalist.

Mathilde Goanec

Mathilde Goanec is a French journalist.

Mathilde Goanec

Matías Escudero Arce

Matías Escudero Arce is an Argentinian-Italian journalist.

Matteo Civillini

Matteo Civillini (1992) is an Italian freelance journalist based in London.

Matthew Vella

Matthew Vella is executive editor of Malta Today, second largest newspaper in Malta.

Mehmet Koksal

Mehmet Koksal is a Belgian-Turkish freelance journalist based in Brussels. 

Merlin Daleman

Merlin Daleman (°1977) is an independent photo journalist based in the Netherlands. 

Micael Pereira

Micael Pereira is a Portuguese journalist based in Lisbon, where he has been a staff writer for the Expresso newspaper since 2006.

Michael Bird

Michael Bird is an award-winning journalist and writer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Michael Bird

Michael Kalamo

Michael Kalamo is a freelance photographer, director and a law student at the university of Goma in Northern Kivu, in the eastern part of Congo.

Michaël Merrigan

Michaël Merrigan is based in Brussels, Belgium. He has a background in international law, human rights law and investigative journalism

Michael O'Farrell

Michael O'Farrell is an Irish journalist.

Michael Riedmüller

Michael Riedmüller, born in 1983 in Austria, has been working as a freelance journalist being based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Michele Catanzaro

Michele Catanzaro (Rome, 1979) is a freelance science journalist based in Barcelona (Spain). 

Michele Catanzaro