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Julien Le Bot

Julien Le Bot is a French journalist.

Julien Le Bot

Kai Biermann

Kai Biermann is German journalist at Zeit Online.

Karel Arnaut

Karel Arnaut is an anthropologist affiliated to the Department of African Languages and Cultures and the Conflict Research Group, both at Ghent University. He is also editor-in chief of Afrika Focus. The main focus of his research is student- and youth movements, social participation, and transformations of the public sphere in Côte d'Ivoire (West-Africa). Apart from that Arnaut teaches and conducts research on postcolonial dynamics in connection with the image, the societal position and the diasporic identities of Africa(ns) in Belgium and Europe.  

Karim Abraheem

Karim Abraheem is a photographer. The common thread in his oeuvre is man in his daily environment. His interest goes to social themes such as the situation of undocumented migrants and the multi-cultural environment.

Karl Deckers

Karl Deckers is a freelance photographer. He has been nominated for the Humanity Photo Award 2000 (China) in the category religion, with his project 'St. James'.

Karl van den Broeck

Karl van den Broeck (1966) was head of the culture department at the Belgian newspaper De Morgen and chief editor of the news magazine Knack. Now he's chief editor of the independent news site for investigative journalism Apache.be and he organizes debates on culture and society at BOZAR. In 2014 he published 'The real father of the pill', about doctor Nand Peeters.

Kasper Goethals

Kasper Goethals is a journalist from Belgium and co-founder of the Caravan's Journal, an international collective of journalists. 

Katalin Erdelyi

Katalin Erdelyi (1982) is a Hungarian journalist at Atlatszo.

Katarina Lind

Katarina Lind is a Swedish journalist at Journalism ++.

Katerina Stavroula

Katerina Stavroula is a freelance reporter, data journalist and communication specialist based in Athens.

Katja Heinemann

Katja Heinemann is a German photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her personal work focuses on documenting social and cultural issues, exploring topics such as illness and stigma, women's health and body consciousness, youth issues, and the remaining traces of the former communist East in today's German culture.

Katrijn Geeraert

Katrijn Geeraert works as a freelance creator of social-artistic video projects and documentaries. With Lost Collective she made dancing portraits of people in order to reinforce social cohesion in heterogenic neighbourhoods. She also collaborated on different projects in the South, on her own account as well as for other organisations.

Khadija Sharife

Khadija Sharife is an investigative writer and researcher based in South Africa.

Koit Brinkmann

Koit Brinkmann is an Estonian journalist.

Kolawole Talabi

Kolawole Talabi is an independent journalist from Nigeria. 

Korneel De Rynck

Korneel De Rynck (°1986) is historian, master in international politics and writer. In 2008 he won the Flemish Thesis Award. He wrote articles for deBuren, Amsab and MO*, and he did research in the Palestinian Westbank.

Kris Berwouts

Kris Berwouts has, over the last 25 years, worked for a number of different Belgian and international NGOs focused on building peace, reconciliation, security and democratic processes. Until recently, he was the Director of EurAc, the network of European NGOs working for advocacy on Central Africa. He now works as an independent expert on Central Africa.

Kristian Van der Heyden

Kristian Van der Heyden is a Belgian film producer and actor.

Kristien Hemmerechts

Kristien Hemmerechts (1955) is a Belgian writer, who wrote many novels, but also autobiographical essays. 


Kristof Bilsen

Kristof Bilsen is a Belgian filmmaker.

Kristof Clerix

Kristof Clerix works as an investigative journalist for the Belgian weekly magazine Knack.

Kristof Vadino

Kristof Vadino works as a freelance photographer for Belgian and foreign publications. His pictures are published in De Standaard, De Tijd, Elsevier, Le Monde, El País, Trouw... He publishes news photos as well as documentary work.

Krisztian Simon

Krisztian Simon is a doctoral candidate at the Freie Universität in Berlin, where his research focuses on media development in Eastern and Central Europe.

Kurt Deruyter

Kurt Deruyter is a Belgian photographer. 

Kyle G. Brown

Kyle G. Brown is a Paris-based journalist who has reported for numerous media outlets, including The Guardian, BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera, CBC, the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

Lars Bové

Lars Bové, Belgium is a journalist and coordinator of investigative journalism at the Belgian newspaper DeTijd.

Lasse Skou Andersen

Lasse Skou Andersen is a Danish journalist at Dagbladet Information.

Laura Zuallaert

Laura Zuallaert (° 1985, Leuven, Belgium) studied Photography at the KASK in Ghent and obtained a Master's degree. Her work gradually evolved from photography to film during her studies. In 2010 she made her first documentary ASPARRAGOS, which was awarded the Stichtingsprijs of the city of Ghent (2011) and the Lichtpuntprijs.

Laurence Soustras

Laurence Soustras is a French freelance journalist based in Paris. 

Lennart Stuyck

Lennart Stuyck is a Belgian documentary producer and director.