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Leo Broers

Leopold Broers (b. 1975) has been writing articles for MO* since 2006 and Knack (Flemish magazines). His interest is mainly on environmental conflicts, human rights and social movements in South America. 

Leon de Korte

Leon de Korte is a journalist at De Correspondent.

Leonard Wallentin

Leonard Wallentin is a freelance journalist and concept developer in the J ++ network based in Sweden.

Leslie Verbeeck

Leslie Verbeeck (°1985, Mechelen) is a professional film maker. He studied film at Narafi in Brussels and obtained his bachelor's degree. After his studies he started working for production companies like Caviar and The Fridge. He worked for Belgian feature films (Small Gods, Linkeroever, Dirty Mind), short films (Tunnelrat, Samaritan, Prediker) and TV. Since 2011 he works freelance as producer and director for diverse audiovisual projects.  

Lieven Corthouts

Lieven Corthouts is a self-taught filmmaker who travelled the world before living in Ethiopia for 10 years. 

Lina Vdovîi

Lina Vdovîi is a Moldovan-born journalist. She started working as a reporter for Opinia Studenteasca in Iasi, Romania.

Linda Polman

Linda Polman is a Dutch freelance investigative journalist. 

Lisa Bjurwald

Lisa Bjurwald is a Swedish journalist and author based in Stockholm.

Lode Delputte

 Lode Delputte is a reporter for the newspaper De Morgen. He follows already for many years the developments in Latin America. He visited a dozen times. Apart from Cuba, Delputte wrote about the drug war in Colombia, the ore mines in Peru and the youth gangs in Central America.

Loes Verhaeghe

Loes Verhaeghe is passionate about global relationships. She has previously published in Belgian online press.

Lorenzo Bagnoli

Lorenzo Bagnoli is board member of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy.

Lorenzo Bodrero

Lorenzo Bodrero (1979) is an Italian investigative journalist and data journalist and founder of IRPI.

Lorenzo Di Pietro

Lorenzo Di Pietro is a Rome-based investigative journalist with a data-driven approach.

Luc Pauwels

Luc Pauwels is a journalist at Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Luca Putteman

Luca Putteman is a Belgian communication expert.

Luca Rinaldi

Luca Rinaldi is a freelance journalist and member of Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) and contributor at Corriere della Sera.

Ludo De Brabander

Ludo De Brabander is a Belgian writer and spokesman for the Belgian peace organisation Vrede vzw. 

Ludo De Witte

Ludo De Witte (1956) is a sociologist and author. He wrote, amongst others, De moord op Lumumba (1999), Wie is bang voor moslims? ('Who is afraid of Muslims?') (2004) and Huurlingen, geheim agenten en diplomaten ('Mercenaries, secret agents and diplomats') (2014). He also cooperated on TV documentaries about the Congolese crisis, for Flemish public broadcaster VRT (1999), German broadcaster ARD (2000) and BBC (2000).

Luk Dewulf

Luk is a Belgian investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. 

Luke Dale-Harris

Luke Dale-Harris is a freelance investigative reporter based in Romania and the UK. 

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is a Dutch independent investigative journalist, university teacher and media trainer/consultant. 

Maaike Goslinga

Maaike Goslinga is a Dutch journalist at De Correspondent.

Maarten Bernaerts

Maarten Bernaerts is a Belgian film producer and director.

Maarten Schmidt

Maarten Schmidt founded Storyhouse in 2013. He worked as producer for more than 20 films, most of them documentaries. His first two documentaries “Ne me quitte pas” en ‘Our City” premiered at IDFA Amsterdam and were awarded at prestigious festivals like Tribeca, Hot Docs and Docaviv.

Maarten Stuyck

Maarten Stuyck is a Belgian film producer. 

Machteld Libert

Machteld Libert is a crime and court journalist for Flemish public broadcaster VRT. In her successful book Ik heb een mens vermoord (I killed a man) (2009) she looked into the minds of three murderers. In 2011 she analysed the psyche of a serial killer in Ronald Janssen. Een mens een monster (Ronald Janssen. A man a monster).

Mahmoud Elsobky

Mahmoud Elsobky is journalist/producer for the Belgian national broadcaster VRT and works as a freelance journalist for The Guardian and Al Jazeera English.

Mahmoud Elsobky

Maik Baumgärtner

Maik Baumgärtner is a German journalist and author based in Berlin.

Manno Lanssens

Manno Lanssens is a Belgian documentary maker. 

Marc Hoogsteyns

Marc Hoogsteyns (°1961) is a Belgian journalist who has been living and working in Africa for 25 years.