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Fredy Gareis

Fredy Gareis is a German journalist.

Freja C. Eriksen

Freja C. Eriksen is a Danish freelance journalist.

Gaea Schoeters

Gaea Schoeters (°1976) worked as a television journalist and reporter, but nowadays primarily writes fiction and scenarios.

Geert Sels

Geert Sels (1965) is currently the cultural editor for De Standaard since 1996 (Belgium).

Geesje van Haren

Geesje van Haren is a Dutch journalist, who has run her own media organization VersPers for over 16 years.

George Brock

George Brock is a Visiting Professor at the Cass Business School of City, University of London.

George Turner

George Turner is an investigative journalist and investigations director of Finance Uncovered (UK).

Georges Kamanayo Gengoux

Georges Kamanayo is film director.

Gerald Bareebe

Gerald Bareebe works as a political reporter for The Daily Monitor, Uganda's largest independent daily.

Gerbert van der Aa

Gerbert van der Aa (1968) is a Dutch journalist, writer, editor and Africa-consultant.

Giacomo Zandonini

Giacomo Zandonini (Italy) has been writing about migration for years, most recently writing an award-winning report from Niger.

Giampaolo Musumeci

Giampaolo Musumeci is a freelance journalist and filmmaker reporting on African issues, immigration and war zones.

Gian-Paolo Accardo

Gian-Paolo Accardo is an Italian-Dutch journalist based in Brussels and Paris.

Gianluca De Martino

Gianluca De Martino is an Italian freelance journalist.

Gideon Sarpong

Gideon Sarpong is a media practitioner with over seven years experience in data, investigative and policy journalism. He is currently the Policy and News Director at iWatch Africa based in Ghana.

Gideon Sarpong

Gil Skorwid

Gil Skorwid is a Lithuanian freelance journalist and media researcher. 

Giulio Rubino

Giulio Rubino (1980) is an Italian journalist.

Goele Geeraert

Goele Geeraert is a freelance journalist. She specialises in economy, the labour market, human resources and social wellbeing. During the past years she has gone to Congo twice, which resulted in several articles in print and online media.

Greet Brauwers

Greet Brauwers (°1963) is a Belgian multimedia journalist.

Greet Pluymers

Greet Pluymers is a Belgian investigative journalist. 

Griet Hendrickx

Griet Hendrickx (1983) is a Belgian & Kenyan based photographer.

Griselda Molemans

Griselda Molemans holds MA’s in Art History and  Classical Archaeology from Vrije University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Guia Baggi

Guia Baggi is co-founder of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a nonprofit centre for investigative journalism based in Italy.

Guido Convents

Guido Convents is a Belgian film historian specialising in colonial and non-western cinema. He has published seven books on Africa Cinema. He works as a journalist for the World Catholic Associatioin for Communication (SIGNIS) in Brussels. Since 1996 he has been president of the Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven (Belgium).

Guido Meeussen

Guido Meeussen is a Belgian journalist. 

Guido Sterkendries

Guido Sterkendries (1964) is a eco- and wildlife photographer.

Guido van Eijck

Guido van Eijck (1987) is a Dutch freelance investigative journalist. His articles were published in, among others, weekly De Groene Amsterdammer and daily de Volkskrant.

Guillaume Pitron

Guillaume Pitron, 38, is a French journalist (Le Monde Diplomatique, National Geographic, etc.) and documentary maker for France’s leading television channels.

Hagar Shezaf

Hagar Shezaf, an Israeli journalist.

Hamoud Almahmoud

Hamoud Almahmoud is Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review Arabia & Aliqtisadi.com.