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Eveline Lubbers

Eveline Lubbers PhD is an independent investigator and one of the founders of the Undercover Research Group and Spinwatch.

Eveline Welschen

Eveline Welschen is a BRUZZ all-round producer, based in Belgium. 

Eveline Welschen

Evelyn Groenink

Evelyn Groenink is a Dutch journalist based in South-Africa. 

Evelyne Dierickx

Evelyne Dierickx is a Belgian video reporter and digital storyteller

Fabakary Ceesay

Fabakary B. Ceesay, is a Gambian Journalist specialized in investigative and Human Rights Violation reporting, based in Serrekunda, the Gambia.

Fabio Lo Verso

Fabio is a journalist based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fady Al Ghorra

Fady Al Ghorra is freelance television producer, cameraman and editor for UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

Fady Al Ghorra

Febriana Firdaus

Febriana Firdaus is a freelance journalist based in Indonesia.

Federico Franchini

Federico is journalist based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Feliciano Tisera

Feliciano Tisera is a Spanish journalist and storyteller with more than ten years of working experience, mainly in international media in Europe and Argentina.

Felix Franz

Felix Franz works as a freelance journalist in Berlin. He works as a writer as well as a TV reporter and producer.

Fidelis Mac-Leva

Fidelis Mac-Leva is a Nigerian print journalist with over fifteen years of working experience. 

Filip Brokeš

Filip Brokeš (Czech Republic) is an independent journalist.

Filip Claus

Filip Claus is a Belgian photographer. 

Filip Huygens

Filip Huygens is a Belgian journalist and cameraman.

Filip Michiels

Filip Michiels (1969) is a Belgian independent journalist and works for De Standaard, Trends, Mediafin, Feeling and De Morgen magazine

Filip Tielens

Filip Tielens is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Fiona Macleod

Fiona Macleod is a seasoned investigative environmental journalist, who heads up Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism.

Floriana Bulfon

Floriana Bulfon is an Italian freelance investigative journalist based in Rome.

Floriana Bulfon

Floris Cavyn

Floris Cavyn (°1982) studied journalism and modern literature and followed the postgraduate international research journalism of the Pascal Decroos Fund.

Fons Feyaerts

Fons Feyaerts is a Belgian documentary maker.

Francesco De Augustinis

Francesco De Augustinis is a freelance journalist and filmmaker with 10 years experience in food and environmental issues.

Francisco Marques

Francisco Marques is a Portuguese reporter based in Lyon, France. 

Frank Andrews

Frank Andrews is an independent British journalist.

Frank Caestecker

Frank Caestecker is a doctor in history at the European University Institute (Florence). He specialises in migration policy and international migration from and to Belgium and Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Frank de Kruif

Frank de Kruif is a freelance journalist and historian based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Frank Van Laeken

Frank Van Laeken is a Belgian freelance journalist and former editor-in-chief of the sports editorial staff of the Belgian public broadcaster VRT.

Franky Verdickt

Franky Verdickt (°1971) is a Brussels photographer.

Frauke Decoodt

Frauke Decoodt is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Frédéric Loore

Frédéric Loore is a Belgian freelance journalist and regular contributor to Paris Match.