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Isabelle Ntanga Kabeya

Isabelle Ntanga Kabeya is a Congolese journalist.

Isabelle Vanhoutte

Isabelle Vanhoutte (º1987) is a Belgian journalist.

Ismail Einashe

Ismail Einashe is a British award-winning journalist and writer covering migration, borders, human rights and international news. 

Ivana Kostovska

Journalist Ivana Kostovska has a wide-ranging experience of working for many Macedonian and foreign news outlets, both as journalist and editor, including the BBC.

Ivo van Woerden

Ivo van Woerden is a Dutch journalist.

Jac St John

Jac St John is a PhD candidate in history at the University of St Andrews. (UK)

Jacob Kushner

Jacob Kushner is an independent journalist who writes about migration, conflict and extremism, foreign aid, corruption and human rights abuses in East/Central Africa, the Caribbean, and Germany.

Jacopo Ottaviani

Jacopo Ottaviani is an Italian award-winning computer scientist and data journalist who manages Code for Africa’s (CfA) Knowledge portfolio, as Chief Data Officer (CDO).

Jamie MacLean

After a training at the SAE in Amsterdam, Jamie started working on the audio post production of Videohouse. For five years he provided the mix, voice-over recordings and sound design of numerous TV programs and documentaries (The Voice, Prematuurtjes, Femme De La Rue, ...).

Jamie Smyth

Jamie Smyth is an Irish journalist based in Sydney (Australia).

Jan Antonissen

Jan Antonissen (1964) is a Belgian freelance journalist.

Jan Crab

Photographer Jan Crab graduated in 2004 as photographer from NaRaFi in Brussels and perfected his skills at FAMU in Prague in 2005, where he specialised in documentary photography.

Jan De Deken

Jan De Deken (° 1985) is a Belgian freelance journalist and photographer. Since 2010 he has written reports in more than thirty countries.

Jan Locus

Jan Locus is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker.

Jan Walraven

Jan Walraven works as an investigative journalist for the Belgian investigative journalism website Apache.

Jan Zappner

Jan Zappner, born in 1973, is a Berlin based freelance photographer, working for newspapers / magazines and corporate clients.

Janine Meijer

Janine Meijer (°1974) is a Dutch freelance journalist. 

Janneke Juffermans

Janneke Juffermans is a freelance journalist.

Jannie Schipper

Jannie Schipper is an independent Dutch journalist and j-trainer who has lived and worked in the Middle East for 14 years.

Jasmijn Post

Jasmijn Post is a Dutch journalist living in Brussels. She works for the local news outlet BRUZZ, where she covers, among other things, Molenbeek politics. 

Jasmin Klofta

Jasmin Klofta is a German investigative journalist.

Jean Baptiste Kavunga

Jean Baptiste Kavunga studied ICT in Kinshasa. He cofounded CRDH, an organisation that reports violations of human rights and assists victims in their search for justice.

Jean-Marc Manach

Jean-Marc Manach is a French investigative journalist working on surveillance, privacy and intelligence issues (among other things) since the late 90s.

Jean-Paul Pinon

Jean-Paul Pinon is the founder and managing director of "WeCitizens", a Belgian civic platform that strives for transparency in politics.



Jean-Yves Tistaert

Jean-Yves Tistaert is a consultant and press collaborator (Belgium).

Jeanne Boden

Over the past 20 years Jeanne Boden has studied and conducted research in China, and she has worked in China in several functions: lecturing, training, guiding, coaching and project management.

Jelmer Mommers

Jelmer Mommers (1987) is a Dutch freelance journalist, researcher and editor.

Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker is a European (Irish) journalist based in Brussels specialising in EU policy and legislation in the technology sector.

Jenny Gustafsson

Jenny Gustafsson is a Sweden-born journalist reporting from across the Middle East, South Asia and other places. 



Jens Finnäs

Jens Finnäs is a Swedish journalist.