BRUSSELS – European Cross-Border Grants program for teams of professional European journalists has got a deadline coming up on the 15th of January. In the run-up to this deadline, we offer advice to journalists with questions about their idea or application.

Our Project Coordinator Svitlana Slabinska will be offering pre-application advice via Skype on Friday, 10 January, from 10 am to 12 pm. This is a perfect opportunity for interested journalists to pitch their story idea and discuss whether it is eligible for a grant. 

To arrange a half-hour time slot for a session, send us an e-mail at svitlana.slabinska [at] journalismfund.eu with a preferred date and time. Please note that all times are Brussels time. 

Grant deadlines
The deadline for the European Cross-Border Grants is 15 January. This is the first deadline of 2020. In total, there will be three application rounds in 2020. The deadlines for two other rounds are 15 April and 15 July.  

Come prepared
We receive dozens of well-prepared, interesting applications each application round, so your application will only stand a chance to be allocated a working grant if it is very well prepared (and meets the eligibility criteria).

Minimum requirements

  • Your application should fulfil these basic requirements if you want to be considered for a grant. European Cross-Border Grants supports professional journalists living in a Council of Europe country, who have good ideas for cross-border research and for research on European affairs. The stories must be relevant to European target groups;
  • When relevant to the story, team members from elsewhere can be accepted too;
  • Only natural persons are eligible;
  • In order to be eligible for application, the teams have to ensure that their story will be published in at least two European countries. Therefore, during the application procedure, they will be asked to upload letters of intent for publication from media organizations in at least two different European countries. 

Find info about the grants here.

2019 - Year of records and progress for Journalismfund.eu


For Journalismfund.eu 2019 proved a year of consolidation and continued growth for its current programmes and its grantees. Record amounts of grant money over the past two years – 920.651 euro in 2019 and 1.230.567 euro in 2018 – were allocated to the teams of journalists worldwide. In 2019 alone, we supported 119 projects consisting of 262 journalists all over Europe and beyond. 

Impact of our cross-border investigation: Manufacturer to stop making pesticide linked to brain damage


A major manufacturer of the insecticide chlorpyrifos Corteva Inc will stop making the chemical at the end of the year. This became possible thanks to Journalismfund.eu-supported cross-border investigation on chlorpyrifos conducted by the collaborative team of journalists from Poland, Denmark and Slovenia. 

Record number of European Cross Border grants in 2019


A new year often makes for the perfect moment to glance back at past work. As we finalise our year report we’d like to highlight one of our many successes of 2019.