27 - 31.01.2020, All day

SMART Data Sprint is an intensive hands-on work, driven by online data and digital methods.

We adopt experimental and inventive ways of reading, seeing and analysing platform data, with the aim of responding to a set of research questions. For one week, participants will have the chance to attend keynote lectures, short talks, and parallel sessions of practical labs. After that, experts and scholars will invite participants to join projects and work in a collective problem.

SMART Data Sprint is open mainly to doctoral students and scholars. Master students, non-academics, developers, research professionals, data journalists, designers, and passionate about data and platform-led studies are also welcome. Our goal is to collectively achieve concrete outcomes, creating the opportunity for knowledge production and providing an environment in which participants can equally contribute to and benefit from one another’s expertise. We believe that: 1) new approaches for web platform-based research can be collectively built and designed through this experimental and exploratory process, and advanced by digital methods; 2) the data sprint approach can trigger new possibilities for ongoing digital research, as well as provide descriptions and a broad/narrow view on the subject of study.

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SMART data sprint

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