08.09 - 01.10.2021, All day

PRAGUE - A Free Online Interactive Course in English for media professionals in Central and Southern Europe: 7 interactive webinars and a cross-border story pitching session. Selected projects will be published on the Press Start crowdfunding platform and receive partial funding.

Contemporary journalism, for better or worse, requires more of the journalists than just responsible and extensive coverage, more than good stories, diligence and fact-checking. More often than not, a successful journalist nowadays is expected to be a fundraiser who knows exactly what’s needed for a successful crowdfunding campaign; a producer who knows how to put together effective teams and organise their collaboration, who can pitch their stories and oversee the following production for various media; and a marketer who effectively chooses and targets  audiences with engaging messages. And this is exactly what this course is all about.

What does the Course cover?

  • Crowdfunding for cross-border stories
  • Collaboration in investigative reporting
  • Cross-border journalism: focus, coordination, promotion and delivery

When? September 8 – October 1 2021

Where? Online.

Who can apply? We invite journalists, producers, photo reporters (photojournalists), and other media professionals from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia and Greece.  

How to sign up?  To participate in the selection process for the School, you will need to fill out a questionnaire - tell us about yourself and why you want to participate in the training course. If you already have a completed resume or biography, this should not take too much time.

When is the deadline? September 3, 2021, 8 PM CET.

Interested? Let’s have a closer look: https://www.pragueschool.media/crowdfunding-and-collaborative-journalism-course

Journalists of all countries unite!

Prague Media School