24 - 26.11.2022, All day

Europe is a major democratic arena. It aims to be a global model in terms of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. A freedom that is accompanied by the legitimate demand of all European citizens to be able to benefit from the right to quality information.

The European ecosystem is made up of numerous professional federations of journalists, groupings of universities and training centres, associations of operators, publishers, trade unions, and civil society entities involved in education for media and information. These European players would benefit from getting to know each other better, exchanging best practices, presenting feedback and learning from the transformations underway. This benchmark and recurring meeting will prove to be an indispensable turning point.

At a time when the war in Ukraine is drenching the heart of Europe in blood, it is more than ever necessary to create this space for dialogue which is so lacking, in order to reaffirm the role of a free and pluralist press, at the service of peace and democracy.

The inaugural edition of the “European Journalism Symposium in Brussels” from 24 to 26 November aims to evolve into the major biannual meeting where professionals will be able to discuss the challenges of their professions with the public, researchers, younger generations, the political and economic world, and civil society.
There is no lack of subjects on which to focus: dis- ruption of uses and economic models, capture of value by platforms, vast movements of concentration in the private media, threat to the independence of public media, the fight against fake news and the need to invest in the fields of information education, insufficient training, precariousness and the all too frequent attacks on the safety of journalists.

The European Journalism Symposium in Brussels, in cooperation and alternating with the Symposia in Tours and in Tunis for the Mediterranean and the continent of African, are intended to become the currently non-existent vehicle for supporting this ambition and these vital developments.

Because information is a public good as fragile as it is precious, serving the democratic development of the European Union.

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European Journalism Symposium