SOUTH-AFRICA - South African winegrowers produce more than seven thousand different wines and are among the wealthy elite in the country. Millions of consumers around the world taste the high quality of South African wine, but the workers who pick and process the grapes barely enjoy the added value produced.

In the rich and fertile Western Cape today more than 120,000 workers live and work in the wine, fruit and tourism industry. Millions of people around the world enjoy the product of their labour every day. The wine and fruit farmers are among the richest in the country but their workers barely benefit from this wealth today. Traditionally, coloured workers populate the vast vineyards of mostly white farmers. Although various actors try to improve their economic and social position, these workers still belong to the most marginalized groups of post-apartheid society today. A history of slavery, apartheid, exploitation and oppression made them vulnerable and dependent.

Team members

Griet Hendrickx

Griet Hendrickx (1983) is a Belgian & Kenyan based photographer.

€ 3.000 allocated on 28/11/2011.

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