How many girls among ethnic minorities in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine face early marriage? Is there accurate data on this phenomenon in these countries? How do governments react and do all the strategies work? What do members of ethnic communities think of early marriages?

In this investigation a cross-border team of journalists from Ukraine and Italy describes the situation with early marriages in Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia entering directly into the reality of ethnic minorities in these countries and collecting testimonies of young women and others from the community. 

This reportage series explores the cultural and social reasons behind the practice of early marriages among Azeris living in Georgia, Yazidis in Armenia and Roma in Ukraine. 

Photo: Julia Kalashnyk / Yazidis girls 

Team members

Julia Kalashnyk

Julia Kalashnyk is a freelance journalist from Ukraine. 

Angela Gennaro

Angela Gennaro is an Italian journalist, videomaker and podcaster. 


Gwen Lister

Gwen Lister, Namibia, is the founder of The Namibian, executive chair of the Namibia Media Trust.

Gwen Lister
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