Whoever wants to understand the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan should look at his great idol: the Islamofascist poet and ideologist Necip Fazil Kisakürek.

The dream of Kisakürek was a totalitarian country where Islam dictates everything, where only Muslim Turks have a place (and minorities must be scraped or exterminated) and in which women must especially have children. Ayfer Erkul went to Istanbul and noticed that Erdogan is well on his way to fulfill his master's dream.

photo © La Moncloa Gobierno de España

Team members

Ayfer Erkul

Ayfer Erkul (1969) worked for 20 years for the newspaper De Morgen in Belgium. 

A working grant of € 5.000 allocated on 28/08/2012.


'Erdogans idool was een islamofascist' - Knack, 15/06/2016


Waar Erdogan de mosterd haalde: 'Zijn idool was een islamofascist' - Knack, 15/06/2016


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