Argos investigated the investments of 1100 Dutch companies through subsidiaries or joint ventures in China. Together they are investing a total of 16 billion euros in China, which would make the Netherlands the second largest investor in China in Europe. 

While going through the data, a cross-border team of journalists came across investments in seemingly innocent sectors such as hospitality and tourism, as well as more advanced partnerships of enormous geopolitical and economic importance to China, such as semiconductors, medical technology and communication technology.

Argos investigated where exactly Dutch investments in China end up and whether Dutch companies always take economic interests and risks of human rights violations into consideration. 

Team members

Ties Gijzel

Ties Gijzel is an investigative journalist, based in the Netherlands. 

Hazel Sheffield

Hazel Sheffield is a freelance investigative journalist based in the UK. 

€4.000 allocated on 22/10/2021

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