COPENHAGEN - Through workshops, mentorships, and peer-to-peer collaborations, the project enables journalists and media to build up their capacities and thus report on European companies and institutions operating outside their homeland.

About the project

This project focuses on exposing new ethical perspectives on European corporations' environmental activities in the global south. The media partners from Mediabridge are uniquely placed in their local contexts to explore how outsourced entities operate with a less ethical approach when it comes to the environment dimensions of their businesses compared to how the companies operate in their homeland in Europe. Through workshops, mentorships, and peer-to-peer collaborations, the project run by Mediabridge enables the journalists and media in these countries to build up their capacities and thus report on these European companies and institutions.

About the organisation

IMS (International Media Support), the biggest media development organisation in the Nordic countries, has for two decades supported independent media where they are at greatest risk. We push for quality journalism, challenge repressive laws and keep media workers of all genders safe through alliances and innovation to contribute to positive change and better societies. Founded in 2001, IMS works in more than 40 countries across four continents with more than 150 staff members. IMS contributes to setting the global agenda for best practices in media development. IMS' vision is peaceful, stable and democratic societies with accountable institutions that are sustained and promoted through strong and effective public interest media. IMS houses a cross-border journalism project called Mediabridge, which is run in partnership with investigative journalism specialists Danwatch, focussed on producing stories from hard-to-reach regions in the global south.

Granted: € 15,000 dd. 04/04/2022

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