THE NETHERLANDS - More than 60,000 people in the Netherlands are infected with salmonella every year. The resistant ESBL bacterium has been found on three-quarters of the chicken meat there. Is our food as safe as manufacturers and ministers claim?

In this book, investigative journalist and former Zembla reporter Marcel van Silfhout analyses a number of recent problematic cases in the food sector.  This provides a disturbing picture of the food industry and the failing government supervision of this important export sector in the Netherlands.

While the number of incidents with our food is growing, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has been seriously weakened. Over the past ten years, political power games, major cutbacks and successive reorganisations have eroded the control of our food to the bone.

More than a hundred people involved were interviewed, from former food inspectors and slaughterhouse directors to aggrieved farmers and former ministers and state secretaries. 

Team members

Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout, born in 1968, is an investigative journalist, author, food and railway writer.

€ 2.500 allocated on 21/11/2013.


  • Title: Uitgebeend (Boned)
  • Subtitle: Hoe veilig is ons voedsel nog? (How safe is our food?)
  • Author: Marcel van Silfhout
  • Year: 2014
  • Pages: 216
  • Price: €18
  • Editor: Oostenwind
  • ISBN:  978 94 9148 104 8

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