TUNIS - Over the 2023, Tunisia has become the main crossing point for refugees and asylum seekers on their way to Europe.

To combat this phenomenon, the Tunisian coast guard is working actively to prevent migrant boats from reaching the Italian coast by carrying out interceptions in the open sea. Yet more and more testimonies denounce their abusive methods of forcing boats to stop - some of which have allegedly led to shipwrecks and deaths.

At a time when the European Union, worried about the arrival of new migrants, wants to release new aid to support the coast guard more and more, delegating responsibility for its borders to them, this project aims to shed light on the coast guard' dangerous practices and to provide evidence through testimonies, videos, and documents.

Photo by Placemarks

Team members

Matteo Garavoglia

Matteo Garavoglia is a freelance journalist based between Italy and Tunisia.

Matteo Garavoglia

Nissim Gasteli

Nissim Gasteli is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Tunis.

Nissim Gasteli
€10,950 allocated on 27/09/2023

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