KYIV - The unregulated surrogacy sphere in Ukraine, controls at the external border of the European Union as well as the closed borders and restrictions on movement introduced in 2020 due to COVID-19, lead to questionable decisions like moving Ukrainian women across the border to Poland to continue providing services.

While the surrogate mothers, babies, and biological parents are left in limbo the Ukrainian Government doesn't rush to give legal ground to the commercial surrogacy booming in the country.

This investigation piece, which includes interviews with surrogate mothers, lawyers, a human rights activist, and journalists studying this topic in Ukraine and Poland is meant to bring attention to the unregulated reproduction sphere in Ukraine, which puts at risk the lives and health of surrogate mothers and babies.

Photo: Kate Baklitskaya

Team members

Magdalena Chodownik

Magdalena Chodownik, an award-winning Polish journalist with an extended experience as a foreign correspondent and broadcast producer. 

Kate Baklitskaya

Kate Baklitskaya is a Moldovan journalist.

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