This project is providing online training tools in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrian (BCSM) which will enable investigative journalists to upskill with regards to reporting on environmental issues.

About the project

The Western Balkans is one of the most vulnerable regions in Europe when it comes to the environmental, social, and economic effects of climate change. The region also has a key role to play in the ambitious transformation of the European Union towards a greener future, with EU accession hinging on the ability of the region to adapt the blueprint set forth in the European Green Deal. However, media coverage on climate change and the region’s nascent climate movements is lacking.

This project aims to address this gap by providing online training tools in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrian (BCSM) which will enable investigative journalists to upskill with regards to reporting on environmental issues. The project targets journalists covering the environment and/or climate change as a beat as well as investigative reporters working on long format, in-depth stories about environmental issues.

About the organisation

Thomson Media gGmbH is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany devoted to truthful and unbiased journalism as a way of promoting civil society and fostering a balanced public discourse. It is the German partner of the Thomson Foundation, the longest established media development organisation in the world. The foundation has a 60-year track record of training journalists, media professionals and media organisations on a range of thematic areas and technical skills in more than 50 countries. It is independent and non-political.

€ 18.250 granted dd. 21/12/2021

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