LVIV - A program for 200 students, a training series to improve the capabilities of upcoming environmental reporters in Ukraine. 

200 future environmental journalists from four different Ukrainian districts are part of 30 distinct trainings on environmental journalistic investigations. The regions where this training will focus are Chernivtsi, Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattia. These four regions stand out for their marked issues with illegal logging and deforestation. 40 environmental investigations should emerge as a result of the training.

About the organisation

Funded in 2017, the Bureau of Journalistic Investigations "Detectives" is an organisation focused on conducting journalistic investigations in the fields of corruption and organised crime. More than half of their investigations are on a local level. In the last year only, the organisation has published 105 stories on corruption. 



€12.000 granted dd. 04/04/2022

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