ZUGDIDI - As a result of the ongoing conflict in 1992-93, Zugdidi hosted the largest number of IDPs, the material prepared within the framework of the project is based on the personal memories of some of them.  

In the article, the respondents, who had to leave their native country and home at an early age, talk about what the war is like as seen through the eyes of a child and how they live with the traumas they have endured to this day, whether or not the harrowing experiences they received in childhood had an impact on the formation of their personalities.

Team members

Salome Partsvania

Salome Partsvania has been working for radio "Atinati" for 9 years and lives in Georgia.

Salome Partsvania

Romaniia Gorbach

Romaniia Gorbach is a Ukrainian journalist and media coach who has worked on the radio and in print/online media.

Romaniia Gorbach

Ulrike Fischer-Butmaloiu

Dr. Fischer-Butmaloiu is a German journalist, trainer and lecturer who specialises on conflict reporting.

Dr. Ulrike Fischer-Butmaloiu
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