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The Hungarian “Zuckerberg” who keeps Orbán’s system alive

  • Corruption
It’s getting ever harder to gain access to public interest data in Hungary. This is particularly problematic, taking into consideration that reporting on the government’s abuse of power and the endemic corruption is one of the last remaining checks and balances in Hungary.

Slaves, Lies and Videotape

  • Journalism & Media

Journalists from west Europe have broadcast and printed stories about east Europe that are distorted or false, leading to a fake presentation of reality which victimises nations and some of their poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

This is how Hungary’s ‘independent’ news media is being tampered with

  • Journalism & Media

"We lost our media”, stated Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in a rare interview in early 2015. He was referring to the media empire of a longtime ally-turned-enemy.

The Special Branch Files Project

  • Politics

The Special Branch Files Project is a live archive of declassified files focusing on the surveillance of political activists and campaigners.