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Lost for Words: Interpretation Services Failing Asylum Seekers

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

IRELAND/GREECE - Interpretation is a vital but under-investigated aspect of the international asylum application process. 


(Mis)Managing Water

  • Corruption
  • Environment

ITALY/SPAIN - Both countries are considered to be under high water stress, but while a recent drought that hit Italy has mostly subsided, water scarcity is ravaging Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, laying bare the unpreparedness of water infrastructure to deal with such a traumatic manifestation of climate change.

Cecilia Butini

The Business of Madness

  • Equality
  • Social affairs

MADRID/TRIESTE - The cross-border investigation is shedding light on how deinstitutionalisation is taking place in 5 regions of 4 different member states: Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. Many people in mental institutions are subject to neglect and abuse of human rights, reflected in high mortality rates.

Marco Cavallo

Ecocide in Ukraine: Environmental Impact on EU Countries

  • Armed conflict
  • Environment

KYIV - How environmental war crimes of Russians in Ukraine affect the environment of European countries? We have established that Russia is committing ecocide in Ukraine.

Taras Zozulinskyy

Water Parasites Victims: Rome and Istanbul's Effects on Regional Water Resources

  • Environment
  • Exploitation

ROME - As big cities try to cope with population growth, climate change, and more frequent droughts, the grasping for available water sources wears out small communities and ecosystems.

Federico Ambrosini

Dark Days of Local Journalism in Europe

  • Cities
  • Journalism & Media

BUDAPEST - "If local democracies are the cornerstone of democratic societies, local and regional media constitute the foundation of a healthy and pluralistic media landscape."


Rider Accident, Now What?

  • Exploitation
  • Transport

BILBAO - In the Basque region of northern Spain, it is not an uncommon occurrence for food delivery couriers to be involved in accidents on the road. 

Paolo Lottini

Are Hungarian Public Funds Being Invested in a Romanian Village?

  • Finance
  • Social affairs

SZEKLERLAND - While most of the municipalities in the region face the problems including a lack of infrastructure, there is one municipality where millions of euros have been invested in recent years.

Helga Toth / Transtelex

A 'Degree' of Sacrifices

  • Education
  • Exploitation

COPENHAGEN/GOTHENBURG/OSLO - Winter is cold in Scandinavia, even more so if you come from afar and are used to warmer climates, as for many international students who choose to defy the low temperatures and buckle up to study up north.

Alexander Maxia

My Maire Hidden Secrets

  • Corruption
  • Transport

BRUSSELS - Local authorities become slightly more transparent about municipal councils.

Charlotte Deprez