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Egypt, important but underexposed player in EU migration policy

CAÏRO - With the war in the Gaza Strip, negotiations on a billion-dollar deal between the European Union (EU) and Egypt gained momentum. In exchange for more financial support, the EU wants Egypt to keep its borders tightly guarded. The EU envisions a "golden age" of cooperation with Egypt. 

Non-transportable livestock

  • Agriculture
  • Transport

LOW COUNTRIES - Belgium as a drain on the Dutch cattle industry

The Netherlands and Belgium not aligned in fight against drugs

  • Industry
  • Justice
  • Politics

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are the main European gateway for cocaine. Publicly, the Netherlands and Belgium proclaim their united commitment to breaking the backbone of the drug trade. But behind the scenes, differences in political culture are at play, and resentment and gloom reign.

Cultural heritage under siege: Ukrainian culture after two years of war

  • Armed conflict
  • Culture

In January 2024, Dutch investigative journalist Linda van der Pol and Belgian photographer Gena Kagermanov traveled to Ukraine to investigate the impact of the Russian invasion on the Ukrainian cultural sector in several cities.

Planet B

  • Armed conflict
  • Healthcare
  • Youth

BRUSSELS - Two young people are growing up in a world that is destroying itself. They each seek their own path and test how far they are willing to go in their actions.

Saving lives, a crime?

  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Migration

ROME - NGOs carrying out rescue operations in the Mediterranean have been at odds with the Italian government for years. SOS MEDITERRANNEE claims to perform its duty as mandated by international maritime law. Italy fights back with administrative sanctions.

When the pomegranates ripen

  • Armed conflict
  • Culture

JEREVAN - According to Armenians, the pomegranate symbolises the invincibility of the Armenian soul. From September, pomegranates begin to ripen. Their skin dries up while the flesh fills with moisture.

A neocolonial oil pipeline through Uganda and Tanzania

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Human Rights

KIMINA - In 2006, British company Tullow Oil discovered oil reserves in the Albertine region in northwestern Uganda. In early 2022, Total signed an agreement with Tanzania and Uganda and Chinese state-owned CNOOC to begin construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The project will create the largest oil-heated pipeline with a length of 1,443 kilometers between Hoima in Uganda and Tanga in Tanzania, from where crude oil will be exported. But not without consequences.

Does Appeltans trial bring an end to 20 years of slumming?

LEUVEN - In the project "Does the Appeltans process bring an end to more than 20 years of slum landlords?" Arne Sonck investigated the power of slum landlords in Leuven. He brings to light how the Leuven landlord Appeltans was able to build a real estate empire by coloring outside the lines, and why the Leuven administration was able to watch this alone for a long time.

Travelling to Iceland with the Belgica

  • Innovation
  • Technology

GALWAY - For months now, the North Atlantic has been plagued by extreme heat waves. The new high-tech research vessel the Belgica is sailing to the polar regions for the first time to document and investigate the effects of climate change in the oceans. Journalists Arno Van Rensbergen and Johannes De Bruycker went on board for a week.