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How the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons is fueling conflicts in West Africa

  • Corruption
  • Economy
  • Finance

ACCRA, ABUJA - This story puts the spotlight on a clandestine network of gunsmiths and arms traffickers operating in West Africa in contravention of local laws. It shows how these gunsmiths and traffickers exploit the porous borders across the West Africa and Sahel region to traffic illicit small arms and light weapons, which continues to fuel conflicts across the region.

How Scorpions and Ghostbusters Fight Corruption in Sierra Leone’s Education Sector

  • Corruption
  • Education
  • Human Rights

FREETOWN - Sierra Leone is one of the least developed countries in the world. Two of the main out of many challenges the West African state is facing are rampant corruption and some of the lowest educational outcomes worldwide.

The Way to Damascus

  • Industry

STOCKHOLM - In Sweden there are more than 200,000 Syrians. They are considered to be the largest immigrant Arabic-speaking community in that country. The Swedish tourist bureaus provide services to transport a large number of Syrians to their home countries.

Europe's dirty gold from Kyrgyzstan

  • Ecology
  • Environment
  • Industry

KUMTOR-BRUSSELS - A two-parts investigation conducted by a cross-border team, including Luca Pauti in Belgium and Alexander Shabalin in Kyrgyzstan, unveiled how European taxpayers and consumers have unintentionally contributed to unlawful and environmentally dangerous gold extraction at Kumtor (Kyrgyzstan), the world's largest open-pit ice-mining site.

Russia secretly upgraded Libyan fighter jets prior to peace deal

  • Conflict
  • Politics

BENGHAZI - Fighter jets commanded by the Libyan military general Khalifa Haftar were secretly upgraded and serviced using parts shipped in by Russia over 2019 and 2020, violating the existing UN arms embargo, according to security sources with knowledge of the operations.

The Battle of Bangui

  • Corruption
  • Politics

BANGUI - In March 2013, South Africa suffered its worst military defeat since the end of apartheid. After a battle that lasted almost two days, 200 crack troops who engaged 7 000 rebels in the Central African Republic were forced to negotiate a ceasefire at their base. Thirteen South African soldiers died in the battle, with two more later succumbing to their wounds. The mission was shrouded in mystery from the start. The deployment and the diplomatic machinations that led to it were kept secret from the South African public and Parliament.

Way to Europe. How criminals and terrorists from Africa and Asia enter the EU

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Organised crime

More than 70% of the members of criminal groups detained and convicted are foreigners themselves. That is, citizens of other countries who have residence permits in Ukraine. Foreign students or seasonal workers are involved in transporting their compatriots to the European Union. 

Money Trail newspaper supplement

  • Investigative Journalism

AMSTERDAM, BRUSSELS - In February 2021 a Dutch and a Belgian newspaper included a 16 page supplement about the Money Trail project.

The booklet featured four full Money Trail stories, plus a 'Stories behind the Stories' section, which revealed how the journalists went about to do their research and get their stories published.

87% of the revenue from recycled clothing stays in Europe

  • Human Rights
  • Industry

COPENHAGEN - The international humanitarian organisation Humana runs a recycling business in Europe worth more than 100 million euros. However, only 13% of their earnings appear to end up in the developing world.


Syphoning development money: Tanzanian involved in robbing of $176 million

  • Corruption
  • Justice
  • Politics

DODOMA - Almost $176m that belonged to the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) at Barclays Bank disappeared mysteriously and landed on a Tanzanian national. The funds for putting up 1,000 school structures to accommodate 45,000 poor students in Africa, ended up in a group of people in Tanzania, Kenya, and other countries.