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A 'Degree' of Sacrifices

  • Education
  • Exploitation

COPENHAGEN/GOTHENBURG/OSLO - Winter is cold in Scandinavia, even more so if you come from afar and are used to warmer climates, as for many international students who choose to defy the low temperatures and buckle up to study up north.

Alexander Maxia

Universities Accept Fossil Fuel Funding

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance

OXFORD – Fuelling academia: OpenDemocracy and Investigate Europe find that Europe’s leading universities have received at least €260 million from fossil fuel giants and taken advice on degree curricullae. 

universities funding in europe

The World in a Classroom

  • Cities
  • Education

EUROPE - Schools are crucial integration hubs. This investigation is about teaching migrant students in the schools of Europe.

Carolina Rapezzi

Guide for research journalists

  • Journalism & Media
  • Education

AMSTERDAM - The official handbook of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists covers the internationally renowned Story-Based Inquiry method: a fast and effective way to organise and carry out journalistic research. Around it, the authors discuss the social, psychological, legal, financial, ethical and societal aspects of investigative journalism.


  • Youth
  • Education

BRUSSEL - Onder het gezag van commandant Walter Van Dyck volgen de jonge rekruten van het Belgisch leger een basisopleiding tot militair. Aan de hand van rollenspelen wordt hun toekomst als beroepssoldaat verbeeld.

How Scorpions and Ghostbusters Fight Corruption in Sierra Leone’s Education Sector

  • Corruption
  • Education
  • Human Rights

FREETOWN - Sierra Leone is one of the least developed countries in the world. Two of the main out of many challenges the West African state is facing are rampant corruption and some of the lowest educational outcomes worldwide.

Wablieft goes digital

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Journalism & Media

The Wablieft centre for clear language developed an online news channel with quality news for low-literature adults.

A screenshot of Wablieft's website

Transgressive behaviour at Flemish universities

  • Work
  • Education

GHENT - The measures that Flemish universities have taken to lower the threshold for reporting transgressive behaviour are effective at first sight. The number of reports has increased, among others at the University of Ghent, because victims (dare to) report faster. However, that does not mean that all problems are solved.

Little Survivors

  • Armed conflict
  • Education
  • Youth

ARBIL - With Little Survivors Lotte Knaepen and Lisa Matthys made a report in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). The story is about the Yazidis, a people who were persecuted by ISIS. Many Yazidi children became victims of human trafficking, were separated from their families, used as slaves or trained as child soldiers in Raqqa. In this documentary, the makers follow four little survivors who have suffered trauma in various ways. But the focus is on their resilience, courage and creativity.

The glass ceiling in science

  • Education
  • Science

BRUSSELS - The five Flemish universities have made considerable progress in the area of gender equality in recent years. Yet at this rate it would take until 2050 before there is gender balance among academic staff. Only slightly more than one in four professors in Flanders is female - while there is no shortage of highly educated women.