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Social Issues

  • Youth
  • Technology

ANTWERPEN - After images of her were non-stop circulating online, 13-year-old Destiny took her own life. For her, it was the only way out of all the judgements and hurtful comments. In a physical murder, the killer is visible. But who is to blame when everyone online has participated in the murder of your child?

Youth infrastructure in Flanders

  • Youth

RONSE - Is the voice of the children still heard? For some time now, there has been no real motivation to invest in youth. That results in a salvo of cries for help from youth councils and youth movements. Robbe Vandegehuchte investigates in Knack the local youth infrastructure through various cases in Ronse.

Draining the well of young dreams

  • Youth
  • Politics

BEIRUT - The report 'Draining the well of young dreams' gives a portrait of these young adults alongside city landscapes who image the current situation in Beirut.

Foto Aaron Lapeirre - Libanan

The forgotten generation

  • Youth
  • Organised crime

BRUSSELS - In 2013, the Belgian television programme Panorama delved into the world of urban black gangs. The members spoke openly about life and survival on the streets of Brussels. Now, eight years later, they look back on their tough youth. Did they succeed in choosing the right path? Does the past still haunt them?

Back to Bled

  • Youth
  • Agriculture
  • Cities

BRUSSELS - 'Back to Bled' is a contemporary story about the connection between the city and the countryside, starting in multicultural Brussels. The core of the documentary is friction; friction between city and countryside, ecology and economy, healthy versus cheap, connected versus uprooted.

Generation corona

  • Youth
  • Healthcare

BRUSSELS - How will this pandemic shape the next generation? The middle class is fighting a valiant battle to reconcile family and professional life, but the vulnerable are fighting the same battle with more limited resources.

Early marriages in ethnic communities in Eastern Europe

  • Human Rights
  • Youth

How many girls among ethnic minorities in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine face early marriage? Is there accurate data on this phenomenon in these countries? How do governments react and do all the strategies work? What do members of ethnic communities think of early marriages?

Violence by and against police in Brussels

  • Security
  • Youth

BRUSSELS - Protests against police are flaring up and are increasingly visible on the streets of Brussels. Among the demonstrators there are strikingly many young people. "We want change, and that only seems possible if we take matters into our own hands," shouts law student Amira (19), who is at the front of the demonstration following the death of Ibrahima Barrie on 13 January.

Chase Social Stories

  • Innovation
  • Journalism & Media
  • Social affairs
  • Youth

In this project, Chase provided grants and coaching to young journalists so they could create digital stories about social change in urban communities.

Chase Tinted Souls: Nymphose - Photo Trudy Kazangu


  • Innovation
  • Social affairs
  • Youth

U:nite works with a team of emerging actors and word artists to bring news to 16-24-year-old video consumers using new online formats.

U:nite short