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Hashtags in the battle for women's bodies in Egypt

  • Social affairs
  • Human Rights

CAÏRO - Those who hoped the 2011 Egyptian revolution would dramatically improve women's lives are being disappointed. More than a decade later, calls for equal rights and opportunities are ringing louder than ever. Social media are once again an ideal sounding board for emancipatory ideas. And the regime? As ever, it reacts defensively. Whoever does not go along with the official discourse on women's rights is gagged.'

Belgian and Dutch Jehovah's witnesses financial rulership revealed

  • Religion
  • Social affairs

BRUSSELS-AMSTERDAM - The Jehovah's Witnesses are a large global church community that most people know from their door-to-door visits, and in recent years in the spotlight because of allegations of child abuse and the exclusion of former members.

Do we all breathe the same air?

  • Environment
  • Politics
  • Social affairs

Air pollution is one of the most important environmental risks affecting health. According to WHO, it causes up to 7 million premature deaths worldwide per year and around 379.000 in the EU and the United-Kingdom. One might think that we all breathe the same air and all face those risks, but we don't.

Shortage of sign language interpreters: fight to be heard

  • Social affairs

BRUSSELS - Wout Van der Steen is an 8-year-old deaf boy from Wuustwezel. His parents are happy to let him go to a mainstream school, where he is entitled to an interpreter of Flemish Sign Language. This interpreter translates everything, both what the teacher says and what his classmates say. 


  • Social affairs
  • Migration

ANTWERPEN - In 2017, Francis Njotea is rushed to hospital. He is in a coma for a week. When he wakes up, confused, he shares a secret with his son Raf. That contrary to what his children and ex-wife have always thought, he is not 63 but 73 years old. He later dismisses his claim as a hallucination. Francis’ children and ex-wife have no idea if what he said is true or not. It shows how little they know about his life story, a story that has been shrouded in mystery for as long as they can remember.

Let's celebrate!

  • Culture
  • Social affairs

BRUSSELS - Joy and intimacy between family members and friends was an obvious thing before the corona crisis, but became a scarce commodity during it. Journalist Arkasha Keysers and photographer Aurélie Geurts captured the coming together of family and friends as soon as it was allowed again.

The man no one could bury

  • Social affairs

BUDAPEST - There she is, the granddaughter: in Budapest, in front of her grandfather, who died suddenly five days ago. None of his three daughters, who all live in Flanders, travel to Hungary. From one moment to the next, the granddaughter, who has loved her grandfather, takes over the honours.

Brussels and Amsterdam show each other the way forward

  • Cities
  • Environment
  • Social affairs
  • Transport

A'DAM - BRUSSELS - More and more people are moving to the city, but what does the future of these growing cities look like? Thanks to Journalismfund.eu’s LOCAL grant programme, two media organisations (BRUZZ from Brussels and AT5 from Amsterdam) have teamed up for the first time to investigate the two cities. In a five-part series of videos and articles, the two city media delved into the crucial challenges for the city of tomorrow: mobility, housing, waste, tourism and language.

When the mask falls off

  • Social affairs

Although narcissism is a popular theme in today's media, there is also much confusion about it. This series explores what narcissism is and how destructive the consequences can be for people in close contact with a narcissist. The witnesses are former partners or relatives of.

The forgotten softenon

  • Healthcare
  • Social affairs

BRUSSELS - A pregnancy test that could lead to a miscarriage or a child with a birth defect. Abroad, the drug Duogynon is causing controversy to this day. This autumn, a British victims' organisation is suing the manufacturer, pharmaceutical giant Schering (now Bayer).